Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm a big kid now!

We have been working with Ammon for several months now to get him to ride his bike without training wheels. At first he was all for it, until he realized he didn't know how to balance. Since then, he wouldn't practice riding his bike unless it was his idea first. Last night he was having some trouble with his tires so we fixed it and then took the loose training wheels off his other bike too. He just took off. He wanted me to hold the seat at first when he got on and give him a push, but he totally didn't need it. Brady suggested starting at the top of the driveway and going down to gain speed; Ammon thought that was really cool. He's got the turning down, he can start and stop by himself, and he just loves it. The first time he went down the driveway he wanted everyone's attention so we could "all cheer for me," he said. Hurray for no training wheels or whining about not being able to ride his bike!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

lucky walmart associate

last night we had our first experience with a puking kid in a store. i bet that walmart associate was thanking his lucky stars he got to babysit a pile of baby vomit until another could come with a mop. i bet that guy who didn't listen to me and walked right through it is super thankful too.......especially after he got in his car. hehehe. gideon's dinner didn't agree with him so he lost it in the toilet paper isle of walmart. he got stripped in the store and got to wear my jacket home. i got lots of cuddle time with him at bedtime and just held him until he went to sleep. it was really nice because i haven't held him like that since he was really really little. thankfully the last puke happened right before brady went to work, so i didn't have to deal with a sick kid all night by myself.  today i am very thankful that he is feeling better and back to his normal, busy self.