Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yesterday was Ammon's first day of Kindergarten. He told me in the morning that he was a little nervous. But after getting to school I think he got over it pretty quick. When we picked him up he said he loves school! It's going to take all of us a little bit to get used to our new schedule though. Since he's in the afternoon class we have all morning to run errands and play. Then lunch and school time. Zenock's naptime has to change so he gets up in time to go pick up Ammon. Yesterday he really didn't want to wake up. I felt bad picking him up and carrying him to the car. But we survived! Ammon said this morning, "Today is my second day of school!!!" It was really cute!

Of course Zenock had to be in the picture too, with his own "pack bag." He has this idea that he has to wear it when we take and pick up Ammon, since Ammon is wearing one. He's so funny. Yesterday he asked me more than once if he was going to go to school too. Eventually, YES!

Our weather the last 2 days has been SO NICE! The high was 90 degrees! We made sure to spend lots of time outside most of the day since we have been house bound since the extreme heat set in in June. Sunday we swam for hours at Brady's mom's house. Yesterday we played outside, went to the park after dinner, and rode bikes when we got home from that. The kids loved it, and so did I because they weren't watching TV.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tons of picutes, no longer behind

After this post I am all caught up on what we have been doing. Brady has been working all week training on the job. He looks so good in his uniform. I should sneak a picture of him and put it on here. I am so glad he is working, although sometimes he says the work is really boring. But at least he gets paid to be bored right? He has tomorrow and Monday off, then I think his schedule next week is different. Ammon starts Kindergarten on Monday. Yesterday we went to the school for an open house type thing to meet his teacher and know where the classroom is. It will be a small adjustment for Zencok and his nap schedule, but I am excited for Ammon to start school. It will be so nice to have something for him to do. I think I am even looking forward to the homework a little because then he still has something to do for a few minutes every night.

I let the kids play with the camera for a few minutes. Ammon took this one.

Zenock took this one.
Ammon took this one.
And I took this one! We found some water balloons for $1, so we have been doing that after dinner a few times. It's hard to keep the bowl stoked with balloons when they can throw them faster than we can fill em. Zz was trying to get my feet wet.

We went to a free Baby Expo at one of the casinos. There was a party booth making balloon things for kids. I saw shark hats, octopi, cars, and princess hats. Ammon chose a sword, and Zenock chose a helicopter. Neither one lasted more than a day because they were playing rough with them. The helicopter was so awesome. I can't believe the guy could actually make one. Such talented people!

After the expo we went to another casino down the street to show the kids the aquarium they have. We've been there before, but not for several years. It's in the lobby entrance for Bass Pro Shops. We just happened to be there when the mermaid came out to swim for the kids. It was really cute. She kept trying to give a kiss to Zenock and Ammon, but they didn't want to get near the glass if she was in front of them. I hope they are scared of girls for a while longer! This picture is Ammon, Brady, and Zenock. None of the pictures turned out very well because I have a crappy camera, so I had to turn the flash off in order to see anything in the aquarium.

This is the mermaid

"Helping" make brownies and getting into other stuff on the counter.

Mission Hills park has a splash area. It was pirate themed. Ammon loved it. Zencok just wanted to get other people wet.

Standing under the pirate flag water.

The famous pizza from last night. Zenock wanted a NASCAR. It turned out looking more like a truck, but he didn't care.

Ammon chose a monster truck. They took pictures of each other. Pretty good huh?

Finally the Pioneer Day Pictures

Food, mmmm!

The other day I found a really easy recipe for pork chops. It's from the Betty Crocker website, and if you want something a little different with pork chops, you should try it.

2 medium or large pork chops
4 potatoes cubed
2 cups carrots cut up
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup chicken or beef broth
salt and pepper to taste

Coat skillet with oil/butter/or cooking spray. Cook chops on each side until brown (2-3 minutes per side). Add broth, veggies, and desired seasonings. Bring broth to boil and reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Veggies should be tender and pork no longer pink, but not tough.

My kids complained about something new for a minute, and then ate like champs. I was really suprized. It was so easy, and I was able to do other things than babysit the stove. Last night we made pizza. I let the boys make their own. I even let them choose what shape to have their dough in...and they loved it. They got to put on whatever toppings they wanted, however much they wanted. And then they ate their pizza so fast! It was kind of a pain to cut out the shapes and supervise the toppings, but I think it was worth it because they really like to "help" in the kitchen. This was one way they could and I wouldn't have to redo it later.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I washed Zenock's favorite stuffed animal yesterday, and when he went to bed it was still a little damp. He was very concerned that it felt different...could that be because it was clean? He kept telling me the feathers were coming off. I said I would check it in the morning. Well, the hippo is all dry now, and his "feathers" are just fine. I had to check on it first thing this morning, just to make sure! The things kids say sometimes are hilarious!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

We have had a wonderful week! First of all, Brady had an interview on Tuesday with a security guard company. He ended up talking with 3 people that day, and they asked him to come talk to another person on Wednesday morning.....and he got the job!!!! He starts his training on Tuesday. It seems they were really impressed with him, and after evaluating how things have turned out for us these last several weeks, we feel like this is the direction he needs to go right now. It really is an answer to prayer, and I am so thankful he got a job offer in the three weeks he's been looking. All along I just kept getting the feeling that everything would work out. I just had to be patient....such a hard thing!

Last night we had a ward kareoke party. Brady took forever to pick a song, and we convinced the kids they should sing one too. So we all got up on stage and sang the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang theme song. Zenock was so cute. He got right up to the microphone and sang his heart out. Ammon tried to hide behind me the whole time. Near the end of the night Zenock somehow got it in his mind that he wanted to sing Jingle Bells for everyone. Thankfully they did have that song, so both the boys sang it together. They didn't know the verses, just the chorus so they sang it over and over and over. It was so cute. I wish I had taken the video camera so I could have that memory forever. As it was I forgot the digital camera anyway, so you'll have to use your imagination for how cute it was.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another week has come and gone with no job offers for Brady yet. It's been a rough month for us, but we are trying to make the most of it by doing free family activities and just spending time together. Brady has been a huge help around the house, he even organized the garage! We have been able to go to the splash park a couple of times as well. This last time Zenock said he was going to be happy about wearing a life jacket...good for him! He has figured out that if he has a life jacket on he can get around in the water by himself and it's not scary! I just like the water slide!!

Sunday and Monday we had some fabulous weather. I'm not saying a summer of sunshine isn't nice, but it's just too hot. However, those two days is was "fairly" cool...in the low 90's. Sunday evening we were outside and I noticed how cool it felt. Sure enough, it wasn't even 85! I was really happy. I made the most of it by cleaning up the patio and having the kids pick up all the rocks they have spread all along the turf. I think they only got 1/3 of them taken care of, but there's a lot of rocks out there where rocks don't belong. Leave it to boys to find a way to scatter dirty stuff all over the yard. I am sure if it wasn't rocks it would have been sand, or dirt, or some other landscaping material. They're just so good at making a mess.

There are 17 days left until Ammon starts kindergarten....do you think I am excited? YEP!!! I am excited for someone who has the patience to answer his mound of never-ending questions. I am excited for him to learn new things like reading and spelling words. I am excited to save all those cute art projects. And I am excited to have just one kid home for a couple of hours (at least until the baby comes). Summer is quickly coming to an end, HURRAY!!! Then we can play outside more, and the boys can ride their bikes as much as they want. Hopefully then they won't be so bored!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another day

Today ended up being not what I expected. I got up with Ammon twice during the early early morning hours so he could be sick. I had him finish the night on the couch witha bowl beside him just in case. Zenock was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7 am, except that he had his whiney button turned on permenantly. I stayted home with Ammon from church and he was feeling better. He ate a piece of toast and then said, "Oh, Mom. That was so good. Can I have another piece?" I definitely know how he feels. When something actually tastes good you just have to have more. Zenock refused to go to church since I wasn't going, so he stayed home too. Brady said he had a nice time at church though. I am sure sacrament meeting was much better since he didn't have to break up arguments or take kids to the potty/drinking fountain more than once! I thought Ammon was getting better before naptime, but he got sick again...but maybe he is done with that by now. I just hope Zenock doesn't have his turn tonight. He's been complaining all day about his tummy hurting, but I'm not sure if it's because it actually does or because he is copying Ammon.

I also found out today that as of today, Brady has applied for 54 jobs since last Sunday. I just wanted to cry when he told me that. I thought applying for 50 jobs in 6 months was a lot (that's what I did every six months for two years before giving up). We also found out that had Brady not quite his job when he did, he would have been let go along with several others at the end of the week. So either way he would have been jobless. I just keep hoping that he will apply for the right job that will let him start asap...since he can't get unemployment. Keep us in your prayers, please. We need all the heavenly help we can get right now.

In some other exciting news in our family, I am pregnant with our third baby. I am 15 weeks along, and I am still sick. Although today has been remarkably good. I have good days and not so good days, and so far I think I have had only 3 cravings: Taco Bell's taco salad, california rolls (non raw fish sushi), and yesterday I had some soda crackers with cheese slices. I keep saying I am so unsatisfied food-wise most of the time because I am nauseated a lot and have no desire to eat anything. Not to mention the fact that absolutely nothing sounds good to me...except for those 3 times. People ask me all the time if I think it's a boy or a girl, and honestly I have no idea. It's a baby. We get to find out what the sex is in 3 weeks, but I am thinking I might have the tech just write it on a paper and seal it in an envelope so I can open it on my birthday. I think that would be an awesome present!