Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tooth Fairy has early visit at Lindsay house

**** This post is for my own journaling, and if reading sensitive materials makes you nauseous, please disregard this post. Thanks for understanding my motherly need to document this incident in order to prevent further accidents in our home. I plan to return to this post often and say: "See, remember that time you played too rough? That's why I asked you to stop." Ok. Disclaimer over. Read on if you want.****

Rough-housing on the couch + Ammon's head = no more front teeth for Zenock.

The collison of heads happened Sunday afternoon, about 20 minutes before Urgent Care closed. The boys were jumping and diving on the couch and Zenock's face came down on the top of Ammon's head. Zenock's mouth was bleeding, and then we saw his teeth hanging down much further than normal and pushed back. Brady took him in to Urgent care, and they just said take him to the dentist in the morning. But it looked so bad. We called around and found a dentist in Brady's Mom's ward who was home so Brady took him over there. He said Zz needed to be sedated so they could be pulled out. And they had to take x-rays to make sure there weren't any pieces of roots that broke off. So he had to wait until the pediatric dentist opened in the morning before anything could be done. I seriously can't believe that so much fun can turn into so much pain so fast. I felt so bad!!!
Monday morning Brady took him to the dentist. They origionally said he has to wait until Wednesday to get them pulled out...........can you imagine having teeth hanging down for 2 days and not being able to eat or drink well because of the obstruction? Yeah, me either. Thankfully there was a last minute cancellation while he was still at the office. After a routine cleaning the teeth were pulled out and he went home happy as ever. I don't have a before photo because it was too gross to look at. He doesn't understand that he can't have the crunchy/seedy food he loves for a few days. It's been hard for him to have a restricted diet. But he is doing so well, and he really does have the cutest lisp. I am very thankful that it was baby teeth and not permenant ones. The tooth fairy visited him about a year early.

Oh, boys!!

I am in so much trouble now......he's getting curious about everything. I think tomorrow's job is to make the kids dust everywhere Gideon can reach.

He did this all by himself.......and then fell down a second after I took the picture.

Hindering  Helping make dinner.

The best spray park ever! It has a pirate theme.

Apparently Gideon thought the park was so fun he fell asleep.

Playing with some of our neighbors at the splash park.

We went to Mission Hills park for a friend's birthday party. My friend, Alexis made her little boy, who just turned 1, a hungry catapillar birthday cupcake creation. The whole party was SOOOOO cute.

A new favorite "toy"

A fire truck themed ispy bag I made for Ammon's friend's birthday. Most of the stuff was collected over the last school year from his prize box treasures he earned every Friday. I accidentally dumped some random stuff from the boys room in the bag purposly collected them and put them away because it was either that or the trash can for most of the stuff. Zenock was so mad at me when he found out I put one of his favorite plastic spiders in there. I almost laughed.

I promise, Gideon is in there somewhere....alseep.

And crawling.....getting into stuff in the bookcase.

More standing. He pulled himself up on the chair, and then couldn't figure out what to do after that. He was really upset in this picture, I just have awesome camera skills to catch a pseudo smile.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A little bit on everyone

Gideon is growing up so fast lately. He finally figured out how to sit up without tipping over, pushing himself up to a sitting position from his tummy, and crawling. This all happened within about a week span 2 weeks ago. He was crawling the week before he turned 7 months. However, I say crawling, but he does a lot of inchworm movements still, and he is pretty slow......but he has learned he can come looking for me when I am not by him. Last night he came into the kitchen so see what I was doing, and he headed straight for the open dishwasher. Also yesterday, he was playing with the kitchen chairs and somehow grabbed the bar across the legs and stood up on it. He was a little freaked out because he couldn't go anywhere while hanging on to the chair, but he didn't know how to let go either. I got a picture, but it's still on the camera.

Ammon starts first grade on the 29th. He says he is a little nervous. I am looking forward to getting a regular routine again when he's in school all day. He is really excited to take a lunch to school, and he has a really great teacher, so I've heard from other parents in our ward. I have a goal to teach him to tie shoes by his birthday in October, and he has started to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels. He's been bugging me and Brady to take them off for a while, so we finally did, but it was SO hot that day he first tried it out. After his birthday - unless it actually cools off enough before then - we will work with him more and get him going. He does really well until he has to turn.

Zenock has yet to figure out that when Ammon is in school all day that means he has no buddy to play with.......which probably means I will end up being his sole entertainment because since he has Ammon with him most of the time, Ammon provides the entertainment and iniciates (I have no idea how to spell that word) most of the pretend play. One of my friends in our ward wants to start an art/music preschool when school starts, so Zenock will be going to that one day a week. I have been working with him on learning how to write his name, but it's tough because he gets bored with it very quickly and says it's too hard. He has very little focus ability I have noticed. It does concern me a little if he doesn't get somewhat better by the time he goes to school next year.

Brady finally got a permanent post in the dispatch/control office at the main NV Energy building. His job is to watch about 50 cameras and record when other employees call in every 2 hours to say everything is normal/they are still awake. He also responds to alarms at all the stations, and calls the boss when guard requests are placed by linemen. He LOVES his job there because starting September 1st he will be switching his shift to nights every day, and that means he can go back to school. He starts his online program at American Military University on October 3rd. He is going for his MS in Security Management. He has about 4 hours every day to do homework at work, so he should not have to do much, if any, at home. He is very excited that he finally found something that intrests him and that would help him further his career in security.

I have been trying to figure out ways to promote my Herbalife business, and it is slow going. Both Brady and I love their products, especially since he has lost 35 pounds so far. I am excited to get on the products next month so I can finally say goodbye to those extra 30 that stuck around after Ammon was born. I was nervous about starting the program at first since I am still nursing, but as long as I make sure to take my vitamins and eat healthy I should do just fine. I have heard that women take longer to lose the weight than men, so I wonder how long it will take me to lose my 30. They are doing a promotion right now to try the meal shake for $4.95. If you are thinking about losing weight, you should check it out. http://www.herbalifesuccesstoday.com/. I was at a Herbalife conference on August 13th and so many people shared their stories about losing weight, reducing and eliminating medications for heart conditions, high blood pressure, rhematoid arthritis, osteoperosis, diabetes, cholesterol, sleep apnea, and the list goes on. I am just so amazed how many people got up there to share their story. Herbalife has wonderful supplements to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have great prices on calcium, joint, ocular, heart, fiber, and vitamin supplements. Feel free to check out my shopping website, http://www.skinnierumall.com/. I started this business because I have been looking for something to do with my health education degrees for a long time. I wanted something that would not only help my family be healthier, but my friends as well. I know these products work if you stick to the program, and I hope you will take the time to check it out and give it a try for you and your family. I am excited to keep you up to date on my weightloss journey!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finally, some pictures from Idaho!

All the Grandkids on my side

Zz said, "Look Mommy, it's Santa Claus!"

My favorite part of the St. Anthony Pioneer Day parade

Zenock's favorite part

Ammon's favorite, the jets rotated side to side

Gideon's favorite part

Tag blanket crinkly toy I made out of scraps

All my boys at Grandparents house

Playing with the big boy toys

A little hard to drive with my hands full, but I loved giving them all a ride at the same time

Naked babies! Lizzy and my sis Kacey

Chloe - Alayna's, and Lizzy - Kacey's, play so well together......until they were fighting over sitting in the chair!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Vacation to Idaho

Idaho was amazing. We got to fly into Idaho Falls and stayed for 12 days. The weather was perfect! My sister, Kacey, came down from Northern Idaho while I was there and we all got to hang out. We had a couple of family dinners......super fun! The only people missing were Brady and Kacey's husband who couldn't get time off work to visit at my parents. Things we did:
-birthday party for Abby who turned 17 while we were there
-campfire in the backyard with smores, per Ammon and Zenock's request
-boys got to sleep in a tent outside 3 times
-2 sleepovers with their cousin Drake
-watching Grandpa operate a trackhoe in my sister's backyard
-ride the four wheeler almost every day
-community breakfast on the 23rd
-Pioneer Day parade also on the 23rd. The stake and ward floats were AMAZING!
-lots and lots of late night laughing with my sisters. One time we even woke my parents up....ooops!
-some good homestyle food from Ole's in Sugar City - you have to check it out if you live anywhere near there!
-boys got to push the buttons to dump out a load of logs on Grandpa's dump trailer. They though that was super cool!
-sewing up a baby quilt, embroiderng my Moby wrap, and making a crinckly tag toy for Gideon
-swimming and playing at Grandpa Ron's - Brady's dad
-"washing" the suburban while having a water fight at Grandpa Ron's. Each kid had a hose......it was very wet
-Gideon's second tooth appeared while we were there
-Gideon had regular baby food every day.....and he finally started liking it. He eats everything we give him now!
-Abby took them to the dollar store to pick out a toy....they LOVED that
-Gideon had his first experience tasting grass. He loved it. And he loves to sit and lay in the grass and play with it
-a trip to Idaho Falls to see the Rankins and the Martins. I miss them and thier super cute kids!
-a trip to Pocatello to see more friends - the Wades and the Hawkins. Dawna Hawkins was my best friend in high school and some how after she got married we lost touch.....and we finally got to see each other after almost 10 years. That was pretty amazing for me!