Monday, August 26, 2013

First day of school!!

The summer is over and school is in session once again. Ammon is in third grade with Mrs. Castle as his teacher. Zenock is in first grade with Mrs. Adams as his teacher. Today is the first day Zenock gets to eat lunch at school and have specials during the day too. I think he's most excited for P.E.

After we dropped the boys off we weren't even off school property yet before Gideon was asking for Ammon. I think he'll miss the boys a lot....but not having to share the tv should make up for it. This kid really loves his tractor movies.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ayla and Zenock

A few days ago I was vacuuming, so Ayla sat on the couch to watch because she gets scared if the vacuum gets to close to her when she's on the floor. She was cuddling with the bear, so when I took her picture I told her to say hi...and she waved.

I found some fun graphic options on our webcam. Here's the favorites:


Monday, August 19, 2013

Canyon Blaster

This was Ammon's very first adult roller coaster ride. He was really scared, but he liked it. He said he closed his eyes when they went through the loops. Brady said Ammon was almost crying the whole time. I'm proud he rode on it, no matter what. My first loopy coaster was Colossus at Lagoon for our Senior trip, when I was 17, and Brady had to drag me onto it. I remember closing my eyes because I was scared of the loop and how fast it was. I wanted to barf when it was over because I was so scared.

This one is like the Sling Shot, just on a little kid level. I thought Ammon was just as scared of this ride as he was the roller coaster. Both Brady and I were laughing because Ammon looked like he was pretty nauseous while Zenock thought it was the funniest thing. Brady thinks we should send this in to AFV.

And finally, the little kid roller coaster. Sitting in the front was awesome because they could ring the bell if they wanted while riding.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Coupons for 2 for 1 admission to fun events is the best thing!!! We used some and took the older kids to Adventuredome at Circus Circus earlier this week. The younger two got to stay home and play with a babysitter. Adventuredome is an indoor theme park. Ammon rode his very first loopy roller coaster. Zenock giggled on the frog hopper while Ammon wanted to'll see what I mean in the video further down. We had such a blast, riding everything once, except the sling shot and the one that flips and spins all different directions while about 30 feet in the air. Some of the rides had height restrictions, so Zenock didn't get to do all the rides Ammon did...but he still had a great time.

Planes and helicopters! The planes had flashing lights and pretend guns. The boys were in heaven!

We saw three 4D shows, Happy Feet, Dora and Diego, and SpongeBob. Two of them were 3D and the other one had motion.

Ferris Wheel. The buckets looked like hot air balloons.

Carousel!! They had tons of cool animals to ride. Ammon chose the dragon looking horse.

Zenock chose the leopard, his very favorite animal.

Bumper cars!

Ammon was already so scared, poor kid. The roller coaster had 2 loops and a cork screw, going 55 mph. The whole ride was only a minute long, so I figured he could survive. He said he was really really scared, but he just closed his eyes when they went through the loops.

The little kid roller coaster. Zenock giggled the whole time.

A bus that went up kind of high and around in a circle. It then went backwards.

Bumper cars!

Riding the planes again. Ammon chose to ride the bumper cars one more time while I took Zenock on this ride.

So excited for the roller coaster!

Cute walking baby

She's a walker now. She doesn't crawl very much anymore.

Monday, August 5, 2013

A funny story and some steps

The kids love listening to Brady read them a story. Gideon loves it even more when he does silly voices and tickles along the way. I was also able to finally get a short video of Ayla walking. She's been doing steps like this for a little over a month now. Recently, I saw her do about 12 steps at one time. She's getting there slowly...and I know soon she'll give up the crawling all together and start running after her brothers.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cute baby

The boys showed her how to use her toy phone. Now she imitates them all the time and imitates saying "hello".  Her only word so far is "hi" with a cute wave. She says it for hi and bye. And she just started shaking her head no when she doesn't want something. It's adorable.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ammon's Wolf badge award

He finished all his Wolf requirements at the end of July. He received his award on July 30th. I love helping Ammon do scout activities so he can earn awards. I think he's pretty happy to have his badge and getting arrow points now. I know he's also looking forward to turning 9 so he can move up to the Bear den.