Monday, August 19, 2013

Canyon Blaster

This was Ammon's very first adult roller coaster ride. He was really scared, but he liked it. He said he closed his eyes when they went through the loops. Brady said Ammon was almost crying the whole time. I'm proud he rode on it, no matter what. My first loopy coaster was Colossus at Lagoon for our Senior trip, when I was 17, and Brady had to drag me onto it. I remember closing my eyes because I was scared of the loop and how fast it was. I wanted to barf when it was over because I was so scared.

This one is like the Sling Shot, just on a little kid level. I thought Ammon was just as scared of this ride as he was the roller coaster. Both Brady and I were laughing because Ammon looked like he was pretty nauseous while Zenock thought it was the funniest thing. Brady thinks we should send this in to AFV.

And finally, the little kid roller coaster. Sitting in the front was awesome because they could ring the bell if they wanted while riding.

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