Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Increasing vocabulary

Gideon was in special ed preschool to do speech therapy after he turned 3. Since school let out for the summer he has significantly increased his vocabulary. He says lots of things now from colors to "red cross" because Brady and I have both gone there this week, and he even says Zenock's name. It sounds like geegick.

Ayla has started speech therapy in our home a couple of times a month. Her vocabulary is at 25 words right now. For her age, she should be at 50 and speaking in 2 word sentences. We have the same therapists who came with Gideon which is awesome. Back then Ayla participated more with them than Gideon so I think she will do really well.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ayla's new shirt

So, I have known for two weeks....been nauseous that long as well....and already had to go get some fluids from the ER Friday. This is the surprise:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Talent show

For the primary talent show tomorrow, Zenock wanted to do swimming tricks. Today we went over to Brady's mom's house to film his tricks so he can show them on the tv at church. He was doing pretty good. I even filmed Ayla doing her talent, jumping in the pool. We sure love swimming in the summer here!
Ammon is spinning a ball on his finger for his talent. It's pretty cool....and I totally can't do that.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Craft Night with Ayla's Attic

During my first night as hostess for Ayla's Attic craft night, I had 4 moms and 3 daughters (including my MOM, she's on the right with my little sister, Kalina) attend. I taught them how to take boring pieces of 2x4 and paint them into cute firecracker decorations. The daughters also put some vinyl on a 16x16 tile for their Dad's for Father's Day. The tile says, "To the world you are a Dad, to your family you are the world." We ALL had such a good time, and I am really, really excited to do it again next month. Thanks ladies for coming!!!!

 Brady's Father's Day present. LOVE IT!

This cute 14 inch wreath is what we are making for the July craft night. It's a straw wreath with paper umbrellas pushing into it. I decided after I took the picture that it's not full enough, so I will be adding more umbrellas....as soon as I remember to take it off my door :)

This is an 8x10 sign I have wanted to make for YEARS!!! I really hope the UPS man, mailman, and the silly neighbor kids will quit ringing the bell and knocking so dang loud when I have 2 kids taking naps every afternoon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shark Reef and Nature Center with Idaho family

 My parents came to visit with my youngest sister, and they brought a surprise! Drake, my nephew came with them too. Saturday we went to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. Everyone loved it! Above is a Komodo Dragon.

 Petting sting rays and horseshoe crabs.

 In front of the really cool shipwreck.

 One of my favorites, the sea turtles!
 Brady was at work, so this is our family pic. For some reason I didn't take any pictures of my sister or my parents......sorry guys!!!
 Fun at the Clark County Wetlands Nature Center. We went here to kill a little more time before lunch after we were done at the Reef. Kids love this place.
 Gideon was really wanting to show Grandpa the animal poop display. He kept saying EW YUCK!
 Some puzzles in the hands-on section
 He was walking around the snake's tail in a circle.
Family portrait at the Shark Reef. Scary!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Swimming at home

 Christa and Ronny got this pool for the kids Christmas and birthdays this year....which is awesome! The kids totally love it, as seen by the video below :) It's just the right size for our tiny back patio, and we made a water slide!

She hopped in the pool before I could change her clothes. She even has shoes on. When she was done and I took her regular diaper off, I had never seen or held a diaper THAT full before. It must have been about 4-5 pounds. Oh wow!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Homemade!

I made this shirt for Brady for Father's Day. The kids helped me take pictures, and we had to have some goofy ones too....below.

This one I made for my dad. I thought it would be really fun, and extra special, to include a surprise on the back...which is also Zenock's goofy picture. It's a list of all his grand kids, listed in birth order.


Funny Dads

This is what he says at the end:

 Dear Steve, I’m sorry for being so flippant last evening in front of your friends and associates, just for a laugh. I know you didn’t take it seriously, but I wish I could have said something like this: “My experience with music and my children had its challenges, but there were some very exciting and thrilling moments. With Steve it happened around age 15 when he began to show some surprising elements of talent. These included the relative ease with which he began to compose some simple but delightful music with the computer, and his natural sense of rhythm with the drums, which now are evident in his musical performances. It was also evident that he was a natural performer evidenced by school plays he starred in. It was a type of transformation that was unique in our family and one I observed with amazement. I began to recognize not only his mother’s musical genes but his grandfathers “performers” genes. I have continued to marvel the development of these and other qualities he has manifest through his experiences and his willingness to try new things and explore new ideas. He’s met adversity with dogged determination and not let discouragement stop his progress and has learned through each experience, in various aspects of his life, not allowing disappointment to stop him. My memories of music and Steve are marvelous, including string quartet sessions, private recitals in the home, string camp, and now performance after performance of wonderful music that is exciting to see as well as to hear.” By this time my listeners would have fallen asleep or wandered away, but I would not have embarrassed myself with foolish chatter.
Your admiring father and greatest fan,
Love, Dad

So, I want to say to the world on this Father's Day, thank you DAD! Thanks for helping us when we asked, and when we don't ask you just jump in and offer assistance anyway. I am trying my best to raise my boys to do the same. I love that you are such a hard worker, always willing to serve others. Thanks so much for helping me with my crafty stuff yesterday, and for the assistance in doing more in the future. I love that my kids love their Grandpa and ask to go to his house all the time. We are all sooooo happy you came to visit us this weekend. LOVE YOU DAD!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Go out with a bang...or a bomb

 Our grand finale, date number 10, for our 10 dates for 10 years of marriage was Wednesday. We got some groupons to the Atomic Testing Museum and dinner to Sugar Factory. I didn't take any pictures inside the museum because I was to busy reading everything they had displayed. WOW! The development of the Atom Bomb and the Hydrogen Bombs is amazing! I knew a little bit about them from history class when I was in high school, and the museum did such a good job to go way above and beyond simple information. We got VIP passes to the Area 51 exibit, which was also phenomenal. It was so nice to soak in a museum without kids asking a bazillion questions about the displays. We were there over 2 hours, and we could have made it three. Afterward we used our groupon to Sugar Factory at Town Square Mall. Brady got the bleu cheese burger, and I had the patty melt on rye. The fries were good, the burgers were delicious, the service was LOUSY!!! We were seated right away since we had a reservation, but we waited over 15 minutes for someone to get us some water and take our order. The waitress who finally came over wasn't even assigned to our section. The drinks took forever to arrive, the food even longer. We were given a choice of dessert, courtesy of the waitress and the manager for our long wait.....and that also took way longer than necessary. We were at the restaurant for almost two hours!! Finally, when dessert came we had to ask for a to-go box because our babysitter had to get to a church activity. Although the food was good (the final verdict on the red velvet ice cream we got is on hold since it's still in the freezer), I really have no desire to go back. It was not even packed at all, so I have no idea why we had to wait so long for everything. That said........HAPPY TEN YEARS TO US!!!!

I am extremely excited to make a shadow box with all the ticket stubs and pictures I have taken on all of these dates. Stay tuned for that :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Father's Day shirts for sale

My most recent project for Ayla's Attic:

I sold 9 shirts, and made 5 to give away to family. It was a busy few nights, but I got it done. I love them!! After making so many shirts, I now have a heat press on my wish list.