Thursday, November 20, 2014

Craft fair

 I made a bunch of stuff for a craft fair last week. Business was really slow, for everyone. However, I have been able to sell more things since then. I love it when people come Christmas shopping at my house!
 18" doll bedding sets
 Twin space quilt
 Baby boy quilt
 Mason jar banks
 18" doll bed
 2x6 set of blocks
 Frozen inspired necklaces
 Pallet wood sign
 16x16 nativity tiles
 Embroidered baby wrap. I made one for me too, and I am so excited to use it when this little nameless dude comes in 11 weeks!
 Above and below are all pillow cases. I also made some sugar body scrubs with essential oils, a Frozen inspired shirt, and some Avengers magnet sets since boys don't wear necklaces. Crafting is such a fun use of my time. I just love it. Thanks, Mom, for sharing your crafting and sewing DNA with me!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Funny Ayla

 She loves clothes, and shoes, and jewelery...she's such a girl sometimes :) Above she is sporting my boots. It was so funny to watch her walk in them. And she totally gets the choice in wardrobe from Aunt Kacey...just so you know.
But this fancy style she inherited from her DAD! Or perhaps it is due to the fact that her waistband needs to be tightened up. Thank heavens for adjustable waist jeans! Can you see that she is trying on another pair of shoes?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The family

 Family pictures 2014. We took them at the Clark County Wetlands Park. It was a shortish walk to this cottonwood grove. One of the few places in Vegas that actually looks like fall. Ayla didn't have anything red in her wardrobe, but I found red poka dot fabric in my stash. The day before I whipped this up for her. The ribbon trim is ladybugs. And lets just say she was NOT a fan of picture all.  

 and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful MOM!!!!! I hope your 25th birthday was as nice as you are, Mom. We all love and miss you sooooo much!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Phone photo barf

 When I came home from taking Gid to school yesterday this is how I found Ayla. She was very comfortable on the bean bag watching a movie. I scooted her back so that she wouldn't hurt her neck, and thankfully she didn't mind.
 Gideon's homework over the weekend was to disguise a turkey so he wouldn't get eaten on Thanksgiving. I asked him if we could make the turkey into an Olaf. He loved that idea. I cut out the felt and he glued it on to his heart's content. I did the hair, face, arms, and buttons. He added two more buttons and colored his feet. He was so excited to take his turkey to school yesterday.
 Gideon insisted on bagels and cream cheese for dinner on Monday. I convinced them both to add an apple to the menu. They both loved having this for dinner.
 A christmas present I made from another leftover board. I like this stain much better, and I love the green vinyl!
 Gideon was playing with Ammon's shin guards and cleats. Notice that he put them all on himself...upside down. He was SO proud to be wearing Ammon's stuff. When it was time for bed he asked me very nicely to not move them from the couch so he could play with them the next morning.
 A sign I made from leftover fencing board. The stain is very grey...I'm not sure if I like it, but it works well with the black vinyl.
 While Ammon was at a birthday party I took Zenock out for ice cream. He LOVED it
 Gideon being very particular about dipping his marshmallows in glue and putting them on this ghost paper during the nursery halloween party.
A bunny I saw while walking the trails at the wetlands last week

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Zenock's baptism

This cute 8 year old of ours got baptized last night at the Stake Center. Grandpa Deitz spoke for a few minutes on baptism during the program. Zenock was SO EXCITED to get baptized. After he was confirmed, Brother Webb asked him to come to the front and tell everyone why he wanted to get baptized. He told us that he didn't know, except that his older brother, Ammon, did it, so he should too. It was so cute. On the way out the door to the van afterward he said, "Hey, Mom. Do you want to know why I am so happy? It's because I have the Holy Ghost!!" It was the cutest thing to hear. His happiness that whole evening was just bouncing off of him. I am so happy that he wanted to get baptized and have the opportunity to have the Holy Ghost upon him as his constant companion. We sure to love this second son on ours!

Thank you so very much to our family who traveled from Idaho to share his special day. We really loved spending time with Grandma's and Grandpa's, and we all miss them already. Our growing family is so blessed to have such wonderful, caring people in our lives. Today during Sacrament Meeting, Brother Webb asked him to come up to the front so the ward could sustain him the newest member. He was too short to see over the pulpit, so Bro. Webb lifted him up while he was talking. It was so adorable. I hope he always remembers Bro. Webb holding him up in front of the congregation.  Congratulations, Zenock!! We all love you SO MUCH!!

Friday, October 31, 2014


 From left to right: Percy Jackson, Wicket, Redneck Brady, Brady's pregnant bride, Yoda, and Hiccup.
 Playing carnival games. Gideon kept picking out ball prizes. Ayla kept picking out the candy. Their costumes are recycled from last year. Both of them LOVED their costumes much more this year. Gid was very proud of his Yoda hat. Throughout the night Ayla kept pointing to herself saying "mine" and petting her tummy. I think she really liked wearing a fuzzy costume.
 Partially recycled costumes from last year. For some odd reason my Leia dress was made big enough to fit prego me into it this year. And the's from my wedding day :) I haven't worn it in almost 11 years. Brady had a blast getting his camo gettup together. For those curious, his hat says: Si for President.
 I made Ammon's Percy Jackson shirt with tshirt vinyl. Love the stuff! Zenock's pants were recycled from last year's Luke pants and dyed green. I added some "leather armor" to it, and partically covered a black shirt in it as well. His armor chest plate is made from vinyl upholstery stuff. It's hard to tell, but he has 3 belts on. One across the chest and 2 on his abdomen. Look up Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon 2 and you'll get the idea.
 The kids got to have hot dogs for dinner. These three loved it.

 Ammon loves chili, so he made an "Idaho Haystack." Smart kid, he is. I did that too!
 After dinner and before the trunking treating began the whole ward sang happy birthday to Ammon. Here is Ayla enjoying a piece of birthday cake. See how she's eating it normally with a fork in the top photo? Well, below she decided using her hand was faster.
 And messier...
And more tasty.

We painted pumpkins this year. All the kids, except Ayla, did their own. From left to right: Zenock's spear, Gideon's blue blob, Ayla's Olaf, my happy face with some help from Gideon, and Ammon's Percy Jackson sword.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kids friend B-day party this year

 The boys wanted to play capture the flag, like in the first Percy Jackson book. In order to have enough kids play we combined parties again this year. Ammon's team was the Blue Olympians. Zenock's team was the Black Dragons (like Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon). We did a pinata after the flags were caught by each team. Gideon got the first wack at a bad guy. One side of the pinata was the bad dragon from How to Train Your Dragon 2. The other side was a bad guy from Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.
 Boys love wacking the bad guy. It was a little harder this year since everyone got to be blind folded and spun around a few times.

 Zenock showing us his bad guy side: the Alpha Dragon.
 Ammon showing his bad guy side: Kronos.
 Zenock's team: Black Dragons. Ellie, Kevin, Hunter, Elijah, and not pictured is Christopher and Mason.
 Ammon's team: Blue Olympians. Kyle, Emma, Ben, Bryson, Isaiah, not pictured is Trevor.
 Thanks to all the kids who came to play at the park with us!!!

Mom's cupcakes were really good, right Ayla?