Friday, May 22, 2015

Birthday girl

Ayla loves fire trucks, garbage trucks, super heros, lady bugs, taking a bath, anything with the "Frozen" characters, babies, giraffes, elephants, dogs, horses, and her special pig lovey. She loves to eat strawberries, cold chicken nuggets, cheese, and carrots. When she sleeps she has to have her Ana, giraffe, flower, and baby quilt blankets all on matter how hot it is. Her vocabulary is exploding (finally!!), and she is becoming quite the imitator.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Science Fair

 Bubbles, sand, gak, foam, water...what more could a kid ask for to play in? The kid in the black shirt and yellow hat is Gideon. Zenock is wearing the orange backpack. Ayla is in the orange shirt, almost behind Brady's leg.
 These kids LOVED the hands on activities.
We went to the science fair at Cashman Center last Saturday. Ammon wanted to support his GATE friends in their Rubix cube competition. Sadly, the race took place too late in the afternoon for us because of nap time, but he still got to see his friends for a few minutes. Most of us loved the small planetarium they created. Ayla LOVED watching the robots. Gideon loved playing in the sand the most.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


 Two Saturdays in a row swimming and dining with friends. Thanks Merrimans!

 Thanks Coxs for the delicious short ribs and the pool heater!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Scout day camp

They got to do a large variety of things this year. Friday afternoon they took a field trip to Springs Preserve to check out the Nevada State Museum. Saturday Ammon hiked three miles all up and over the mesa, they both did some bb gun shooting and archery, and Zenock did some science activities. He came home with a bug board...there's a name for it but I can't remember what it's called. He was thrilled to take all the plastic bugs off and play with them in his flubber for the rest of the afternoon. I love that they love scouts so much. It truly is a wonderful, inspired program.

Check out that accuracy!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Today wasn't relaxing in any way, well...except for watching the last 15 minutes of Star Wars, but it was nice. Because it took so long yesterday to shop for a garage door opener replacement (ours broke Friday night, and I didn't want to pay for new parts, shipping, and wait over a week to get them so we just bought a new opener) Brady installed it today so I didn't have to wait until next Saturday to park the van in the garage.

Brady gave me a Mother's necklace. It's something I have been wanting since we started having kids ten years ago, but it was unrealistic to purchase such a piece of jewelery until our family was complete. This is perhaps the most unique styles I have ever seen. I love it so much!
Thank you, wonderful husband, for taking care of me and doing things you would rather not in order to make my life more convenient. Thank you for having most of the tools you need when such last minute projects come up. And thanks for being willing to check off things on the "honey-do list."

The older boys made these in Primary today. I just loved reading their answers.
 Ammon's paper. Crafting....the kids know what mommy loves to do with my spare time!
 Zenock's paper. I love the "soing"...sewing and "woshing moves"....watching movies.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lots of smiles

This is the reason I am not getting any sanding or staining done during nap time. He has been playing with me for an hour. I even got a short giggle out of him. It was so dang cute! I love hearing babies laugh.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The cleft surgery was unsuccessful

Dr. Menezes is supposed to be the best plastic surgeon in the valley. He is the only one here that does cleft lip and palate repairs. And he screwed up Rydon's lip, royally. It looked like he put in only one stitch, but there may have been two put in the bottom of his upper lip. The rest of the skin was super glued together all the way to his nose. Sometime Saturday during the night he pulled the stitch out. Because there was no longer anything to hold the tension of the skin and glue together to heal it began coming undone. By Sunday night it was very obvious. I called the on-call dr in Menezes' office. He told me not to worry because babies tear their stitches out all the time and so they will just fix it later at his next surgery in June. The next morning I made an appointment and firmly requested to be first in line after lunch so I could get home in time for kids to get home from school. I had to get a babysitter for Ayla at the last minute and ask a neighbor to also take Gideon to school. Talk about HIGHLY INCONVENIENT!! I am so very thankful for a wonderful neighbor who home schools her kids so that her daughter could come over and she had time to take Gideon to school.

Dr. Menezes told me Monday that this situation happens often...when after the surgery he said it rarely happens. He said he will repair the whole lip in June instead of just touching up was was done on Friday and then working on his nostril formation and a couple of other things. Both Brady and I asked him THREE times about getting arm restraints for him because we were both concerned about Rydon ripping his stitches out since he has his hand in his mouth all the time. The dr said it wasn't necessary all three times because babies rarely tear their stitches out.

(This is being written on the 14th, a full two weeks after the surgery)
My dad called me later in the week, I can't remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday and told me I need to stick up for my kid because the doctor works for me, not the other way around. Everything he said echoed in my mind to what I had already been thinking through this whole ordeal. Talking to him that morning made me mad all over again and I started bawling like a baby. I was so embarrassed to be crying on the phone to my dad. I am sure he didn't mind though. I remember feeling like I wanted to punch the doctor in the face and make him fix Rydon immediately. Brady still wants to submit a bill to the doctor for his lost wages on Friday because he had to take the entire day off, which was his overtime day...the one day a week that makes the whole job in Primm worth it. In any case, I am not sure if we can sue the doctor and since we cannot afford to pay for a lawyer if we lose, we are not going to follow through with that idea. On Friday, June 5th we are driving to LA to see a cleft plastic surgeon at Shriner's Hospital. From the suggestions I have had from people all over the pace about this issue, most of them have told us to go check out Shriner's. The other option we have is Primary Children's in SLC.

Friday, May 1, 2015

First cleft lip surgery

I said last night that I have been waiting for this day since January 26th, the day he was born. However, I was thinking this morning that it's actually not true. I have been waiting and wondering about this day since we found out about his cleft in October. That's a very long time to think about the surgery and how it may or may not affect him, me, and our family. I am so thankful it's over. Since he has to have so many in the future, I think perhaps the first surgery for the lip and the first surgery for the palate are going to be the most stressful and worrysome for me. All in the life of a mother, right?
Today was Rydon's first cleft lip surgery. It is stage one, meaning the lip muscles and skin tissue were sewn together. This helps the the second stage not be under so much strain and risk tissue tearing. We reported to the day surgery department at 6am. He went off with the nurses to surgery about 8am and by 8:40 Dr. Menezes was back, telling us it went great and we can see him soon. We left the hospital a little before 10am. In the photo below we were still in the waiting room and Rydon was hungry, so Brady asked me to take this picture and posted the caption on facebook: Two grumpy dudes who don't get breakfast. It was soooo funny!

It is so cute that he is holding Brady's thumb while having his first bottle since 11pm last night.

I love that his hair color is almost the same strawberry blonde color as mine. It's about time we had a kid with my hair! We are also hoping his eyes stay blue like Brady's...because we need one kid with those too :)

His pain will only last a couple of days. He has surgical super glue on his outer upper lip tissue, and a couple of dissolvable stitches in his lip.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pinewood derby

Zenock's first ever Pinewood Derby race. His car is the blue one. It looks like The King from Cars.

This race is the first race of the last season of Pinewood Derby for Ammon. He tried really hard this year to make a car that would win first place.
Zenock got a turn to announce the race.
Ammon announcing the race
There were several siblings racing. The brothers got to do a race just between them, head to head.

Announcing the WINNERS!

The boys had a great time. They designed the cars, Brady helped them cut out their cars, they did the initial painting, I helped them find the right decals they wanted and did the weights and final detail painting. I also had to re make Zenock's spoiler because the one Brady cut out of wood was lost thanks to a certain little girl in our family. I racked my brain trying to figure out a way to put one on his car without using wood. I ended up gluing three note cards together and then cutting and gluing to the car, much like paper doll least that was the thought process in my head. After painting the spoiler and coating the whole car in modge podge, I have to say it looked pretty darn good. We are very proud of the boys and how much they love scouts. I think my favorite part of the whole experience was watching Zenock walk back to us after getting his award for first place. He was literally beaming from ear to ear. It was adorable! It isn't often that he ends up doing something better than Ammon.

 First place!! The King
Fourth place!! Manchester United soccer team

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy baby

One would never guess this happy baby cried for over five hours today due to his acid reflux. The doctor switched his Rx because Zantac wasn't working. She gave him Prevacid, which can only be mixed up in liquid form at one special pharmacy in town. He has been using it since Saturday night, and I haven't felt like there has been much improvement yet. I'm not sure how long it will take to get into his system so the reflux isn't bothering him as much every time he eats. It's been a real struggle the last week and a half to get this guy to eat more than two ounces at a time. His appetite is quite small, which is most likely due to the pain he experiences every time the acid comes back up. In any case, I have tried a few different things to help him. Today a friend suggested giving him a baby probiotic. I found some at Sprouts tonight. He had one dose in his bottle at 9pm and then started smiling and being happy. He has been hanging out with me the last hour just talking, smiling, and being content...which he has not experienced ALL DAY! (And he just fell asleep as I am writing this.) I am so happy that he is finally happy. I really, really hope tomorrow is a better day for this cute dude. He needs to increase his eating volume so he can keep gaining weight like he needs too.