Monday, June 13, 2016

Utah trip to visit Brady

 First major car trip with the kids by myself...I think? They did great!!
 Christa and the kids came with us to Hogle Zoo

 They were so funny to listen to! They were all chatting away while watching the seals swim in the tank. There were lots of "woah's!"

 The next day we went to the air force museum.

 Ayla's favorite plane
 Ammon's favorite plane inside the building
 Zenock liked this model the best
 Gideon didn't want to choose a favorite plane and wouldn't let me take his picture so I snuck this one.
 Brady's favorite plane
My favorite
 Ammon's favorite plane outside
 Hills after a rainstorm. From the IKEA parking lot
 Oquirrh Mountain Temple

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