Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November is a month of gratitude

24 Days of Thankful
1.      I am thankful for my boys
2.      I am thankful for my husband
3.      I am thankful we have a source of steady income
4.      I am thankful for my ward family
5.      I am thankful for friends who are willing to help me
6.      I am thankful for my parents and siblings and their families
7.      I am thankful for beautiful weather in November
8.      I am thankful for rain and wish we got more of it
9.      I am thankful Ammon loves 1st grade
10.  I am thankful Zenock has an art preschool class
11.  I am thankful Gideon loves to cuddle
12.  I am thankful I can already feel baby #4 moving around
13.  I am very thankful for a husband who is willing to help clean the house
14.  I am thankful to have a temple 20 minutes away
15.  I am thankful my parents and sisters are coming to our home to celebrate Thanksgiving with us
16.  I am thankful my car is fixed….hopefully for good this time
17.  I am thankful we don’t have to drive very far to go to Church or the store or school
18.  I am thankful for Church activities
19.  I am thankful for a garage to store things in
20.  I am thankful for good friends
21.  I am thankful for a clean home….when it happens
22.  I am thankful for indoor plumbing and an automatic dishwasher
23.  I am thankful we have enough food
24.  I am thankful for Christmas music

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I asked the boys to get dressed for church fifteen minutes ago. They are using their clothes as weapons and fighting eachother......we may be late for church today.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2 weeks of birthday fun

Smiths 350 NASCAR truck series
 We got some free tickets from Smiths Food for the truck race out at the motor speedway on the 15th. We went to celebrate Zenock's 5th birthday.

Cleaning up a wreck
  Just to the left of this picture is where Dan Weldon died in an accident in the Indy 500 race the following day. It was a huge trouble spot for the trucks too. The whole race there were 11 caution flags thrown up all in the first half of the race. It seemed everyone was having a hard time staying off the wall.

  We found the King's number. They were both super excited.
Batman cake. Zenock inspected my work and said, "oh wow, that's cool mom!"
 I think I should submit this cake to the cake wrecks blog. I had a horrible homemade frosting experience. And no backup option, so this is what Zenock got. He loved it though, so that's what counts. He turned 5!

And he is in love with Batman. He got a Batman shirt and jammies and he would wear them every day if I let him.

How old are you? 5!

Batman cupcakes for joint friend party
Frosting experience was much better this time, but I just couldn't get it to go black.

At the park with all their friends. Since both birthdays are so close together we did a friend party for them together too. They each got to invite their own friends, and they loved it. I was really happy a couple of Mom's decided to stay and help because Brady was home with napping Gideon, so he couldn't help me like I had planned.

awesome super hero capes made by my friend Melonie

Monster trucks vs. Army. Ammon's idea
 If I had my way I would have done green men vs. brown men, but he insisted the monster trucks were the bad guys. It's his birthday, so I gave up. The sand is actually crushed grahm crackers.

He's 7!

Bullring at LV motor speedway. We got to go for free, and saw some cool crashes.
 We got into this race for free on Ammon's birthday because the previous race we went too had a canceled demolition derby. It was fun to watch all the mini cars and late models racing. We had to leave right before the final race started because Gideon fell asleep. I love going to the races, and so do my men.

Qualifying laps are done and everyone is lined up for the big finals race.

Last race for the mini cars. These were so small we didn't need our earplugs.