Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Hobbies

Now that I don't have any homework to worry about getting done, I have taken up a new hobby. Well, that's not actually true because I have always loved to sew. I have made a couple of baby quilts for some people. I am also cutting out pieces for a quilt for my bed. My mom has a quilting machine, so after I get the tops put together, I take the stuff to her house and quilt it. These baby quilts were put together really fast. I think I did the whole thing in about 3-4 hours. It's really fun, and I enjoy making things for people. I mean anyone can go to the store and buy a cute baby shower gift, but not many can make something unique like this. I just hope they like the blankets. This is a race car one for a friend in our ward who just had their first little boy a few days ago. The striped fabric has stars and RACING written on it. The red fabric also has stars. The blue race car fabric has stars as well, with a yellow back to tie everything together. I used a primary colors varigated thread, which turned out really cute. I almost wanted to keep it for myself because I liked it so much, but my kids already have homemade blankets.
This quilt is for Brady's step-nephew James and Sharianne's baby girl due in August, if I remember right. It has a pink flannel back, and I quilted it with a yellow and pink varigated thread - but there was some blue in there too, which doesn't look too bad! I used the same pattern for both quilts, and although the blocks are the same, they are completely different.
My neighbor saw these and the quilts I made for the boys last year and she loved them so much that she decided to make some for her two kids. So I am helping her put them together as well. Her little girl's quilt is similar to the this one but it has green and yellow fabric with the flower print and a dark pink back with white dots.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Parade and Fireworks

This is the IF parade. It started at 9am, so we brought bananas and bagels to eat for breakfast while watching the parade. This horse-drawn wagon passed our house several times in the days leading up to the parade...and I had no idea why, so I told the kids they were practicing for the parade. I guess I was right!
Ammon, Brady, and Zenock enjoying the big trucks and horses.

Brady LOVES fireworks, especially lighting them off. We do it in the middle of our culd-de-sac and sit on the front lawn to watch.

This is the big bottle rocket. It's hard to see very well because it wasn't dark yet when we did our fireworks.

Tractor and Truck Pull

The same day of the air show we went to a truck and tractor pull at Sandy Downs in IF. I thought there would be more tractors, but there were only 3, and the rest were suped up trucks. It was really loud, and it was raining. The kids loved it, but I don't think it was worth the money to go... This is the tractor I wanted to see more of. This was the only one like it, and I thought there would have been more. The team came from Kansas City. It had 4 engines, but the driver only pulled the load 75 feet. It was a little disappointing.
This was what the trucks and tractors were pulling. The winner pulled about 300 feet.