Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Hobbies

Now that I don't have any homework to worry about getting done, I have taken up a new hobby. Well, that's not actually true because I have always loved to sew. I have made a couple of baby quilts for some people. I am also cutting out pieces for a quilt for my bed. My mom has a quilting machine, so after I get the tops put together, I take the stuff to her house and quilt it. These baby quilts were put together really fast. I think I did the whole thing in about 3-4 hours. It's really fun, and I enjoy making things for people. I mean anyone can go to the store and buy a cute baby shower gift, but not many can make something unique like this. I just hope they like the blankets. This is a race car one for a friend in our ward who just had their first little boy a few days ago. The striped fabric has stars and RACING written on it. The red fabric also has stars. The blue race car fabric has stars as well, with a yellow back to tie everything together. I used a primary colors varigated thread, which turned out really cute. I almost wanted to keep it for myself because I liked it so much, but my kids already have homemade blankets.
This quilt is for Brady's step-nephew James and Sharianne's baby girl due in August, if I remember right. It has a pink flannel back, and I quilted it with a yellow and pink varigated thread - but there was some blue in there too, which doesn't look too bad! I used the same pattern for both quilts, and although the blocks are the same, they are completely different.
My neighbor saw these and the quilts I made for the boys last year and she loved them so much that she decided to make some for her two kids. So I am helping her put them together as well. Her little girl's quilt is similar to the this one but it has green and yellow fabric with the flower print and a dark pink back with white dots.

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