Friday, January 28, 2011

Food...and poop

So since I have started nursing Gideon, I have been SOOOOO hungry. I feel like I start eating when I get up in the morning and don't stop until I go to bed at night. The only problem is I still get hungry right around 5 or 6 am when I am up feeding him. It seems no matter what I eat, or how much, I cannot get enough. For example: tonight I had 2 pieces of pizza, a breadstick, a vitamin water, and a bowl of cereal for dinner. And now 45 minutes later I am hungry AGAIN. I feel like I didn't have any dinner...

Apparently Gideon feels the same way too. He will take a good nap or two in the morning and then catnap and eat like crazy for the rest of the day. Then he takes a nap in the evening, and then eats and catnaps like crazy until 1 am. And then he goes to sleep for the next 3-4 hours. I feel like all I have done today is plug the little dude in, burp, change a poopy diaper, cuddle for a few minutes, then when I go to lay him down he wakes up again ready for more food. I must be a human cow or something - and that makes him the pooping machine. In the two weeks he's been here he has gone through 120 diapers. I hear it's normal for newborns to poop all the time, but I don't remember that at all from the other kids.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free V-day printable

Here is a link for a super cute Valentine's day decoration.

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Monday, January 24, 2011


Brady has been trying for the last week to take the kids to the dollar theater to watch Megamind, but one or the other kept making "bad choices" so they couldn't go. First Zenock didn't put his clothes away, just piled them in front of his dresser. Then Ammon was having a bad day another time. Then Zenock didn't finish his dinner on purpose because he wanted to stay home with Mommy instead of going to the movies. KIDS!!!! So today Brady had the whole day off (exciting, I know:)). I decided not to fold their clean clothes today until after they had already left, just because I didn't want them to have an opportunity to mess up again and miss the movie. So while they have been gone I have done a load of dishes and folded all the kids clothes while Gideon slept in the swing.

I have also decided that Gideon needs a nickname. The best I can come up with is Zenock, since I call him that about 5 times a day!!! Zenock thinks it's funny because I will look right at him and tell him something about Gideon, but call him Zenock instead. Then he says something like, you mean Gideon, Mom? Oh, my gosh! I don't remember doing that to Ammon, but maybe I did.

My wonderful Mom is also on her way here right now on the plane. She called just before Gideon was born and said she was thinking about coming to visit and help out some when Brady went back to work.....all I can say is AWESOME!!!! She is staying until Friday morning - thank you Allegiant Air for having a direct flight from Idaho Falls, so convenient! So tomorrow she is going to be my chauffer so I can go get some things from the grocery store, and Joann's, since I am not supposed to drive until the weekend. I guess that means I get to be her personal GPS since she has never driven down here before. And I also get to introduce her to some of my friends at the weekly park play date - mostly for moms so we can have some adult time while the kids are all entertained. I am so excited. I haven't seen my mom since July. And then my sister is flying from North Idaho in the middle of February to spend a week with us when we bless Gideon at church, and my parents and sisters are coming then again too. So I get to see my mom two times in a month. I can't wait until she gets here in two hours! We are going to have a great week!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Settling in

As a family of 5. And I LOVE it! We had an excellent week with Brady at home, and it was even more meaningful because in the 3 weeks leading up to Gideon's birth, he worked about 237 hours. The boys are doing a great job being big brothers. I heard Zenock tell Ammon yesterday that Gideon is his best little brother. I love that the boys are older and more capable of helping me, especially with picking things up off the floor since I can't bend over very well yet. I had my first trip out of the house for something other than the doctor on Thursday night. We went to the grocery store...I know, so exciting. But I am feeling pretty good as I have more days of surgery behind me. Gideon does really well sleeping at night. He wakes up about every 2.5 to 3 hours to eat and then goes right back to sleep. He naps pretty well during the day too. Sometimes he catnaps in the morning hours so it seems almost impossible to have a few guarranteed minutes to shower, but I am managing!

I found Gideon sucking his fingers one morning this week. He hasn't done it since that I have seen.

They love their little brother. Zenock always asks if he can touch him.

Okay, so we all love our new little baby!

It's difficult to take a good picture of him when he's awake because he wiggles so much. This is pretty much as good as it gets.

The boys were trying to get Gideon to play with his toy they picked out for him. But really I heavily influenced them to pick the alligator because it was the one I liked the best.

And this is Mr. Independent. We got a new tube of toothpaste for the boys, and now Zz brushes his teeth when he gets up in the morning and after every meal. It's really funny, but I'm not complaining because he has figured out how to do it himself. I just have to remember to not go anywhere important on those kind of days because he gets toothpaste spit all down his shirt most of the time. But hey, I'm not complaining about one less thing I have to do or supervise for him!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gideon is here!

We got to the hospital at 5:30 am on Friday, the 14th. We were pretty much prepped and ready to go into surgery by 6:30, but we had to wait for me to get more IV fluid, and surgery was scheduled to start at 7:30 am. We ended up waiting for the doctor to get there because he was delivering a baby at another hospital. Gideon Omner Lindsay was born at 8:46 am. He is 17.5 inches long, and weighed in at 7 pounds 11 ounces. He is my shortest, fattest baby so far! He is an excellent eater, and we are so glad he is in our family. We got to come home this afternoon from the hospital. I am glad to be home, and I am also glad to get to sleep in my own bed tonight!

Getting ready in the surgery prep room.

I thought of the show Tommy Boy when Brady was putting on his surgery costume. The line, "fat man in a little coat" kept coming to mind, even though it wasn't too small for him.

We're all hooked up and ready to go.

Gideon about 2 minutes old. I love the look on his face. Of course it was because just before that he was still snug as a bug and had to be so rudely taken out of his warm, yet cramped home.

Ammon was so excited to finally get to hold him.

It took a lot of coaxing to get Zenock to hold Gideon. He just wanted to look at him. But now he askes to hold him all the time. So he is apparently over his babyphobia.

I took some really cute pictures of the little munchkin. In this one I thought he woke up because he was hungry, but he didn't want to eat. So I just held him and he fell back asleep on my lap.

And later he was awake for a little while, so I wanted to get some pictures with his eyes open. He was moving his mouth around a lot, so he looks like he is smiling.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Photo time

Me and my gargantuan belly. We took a drive to Hoover Dam to drive on the new bridge they finished a few months ago. It was a fun ride.

Clinging to his leftover lunch so it won't spill.

Chillin' on the way to the bridge.

This is the new bridge from Nevada to Arizona. You no longer get to drive over Hoover Dam for security/safety reasons. And this is the crappy view you get. I know they made the walls that high on purpose so it won't slow traffic down because of the awesome view, but still, I was disappointed.

Playing a Bob The Builder game with Dad.

Trying out Gideon's carseat. It looks a little small for a 6 and a 4 year old in there at the same time!

We have a play group at the neighborhood park every Tuesday and Friday morning. I go for me, not the kids. I think all the mom's do though. It's nice for the kids to play with eachother outside of church, but really we all go for the girl time. My week seems off when we aren't able to go because of doctor's appointments or sickness. My boys ask just about every day if it's park day, so I know they like it as much as I do.

Ammon, Courtney, Zenock, and Klarissa. Tanner was on there too next to Klarisa, but he got up before I could get the camera out.

Ammon and Zenock on the slide with Tanner. At one point all the kids were going down the slide and running into everyone at the bottom. Zenock ended up getting squished pretty good, and he didn't like it very much. He went around to all the kids and told them to say sorry to him for squishing him. I tried not to laugh, really I did.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back on track and birthday

And now that Christmas vacation is over, we are back on our schedule! I was really wishing this morning that both boys were in school full time. They were driving me crazy! However, in light of being back in the routine, I am certain it will change when we come home from the hospital in two weeks. I wonder how it will all work out? Fine, I am sure, but still...throwing a new baby into what we do every day will be interesting. There's only 10 days left until Gideon comes!!!

Today is also Brady's birthday, sorry I forgot to mention it before. In honor of his 29 years in existance, this is a picture from way back before we even started dating in high school. It was taken the summer of 1999. We were young - and skinny :)