Monday, January 24, 2011


Brady has been trying for the last week to take the kids to the dollar theater to watch Megamind, but one or the other kept making "bad choices" so they couldn't go. First Zenock didn't put his clothes away, just piled them in front of his dresser. Then Ammon was having a bad day another time. Then Zenock didn't finish his dinner on purpose because he wanted to stay home with Mommy instead of going to the movies. KIDS!!!! So today Brady had the whole day off (exciting, I know:)). I decided not to fold their clean clothes today until after they had already left, just because I didn't want them to have an opportunity to mess up again and miss the movie. So while they have been gone I have done a load of dishes and folded all the kids clothes while Gideon slept in the swing.

I have also decided that Gideon needs a nickname. The best I can come up with is Zenock, since I call him that about 5 times a day!!! Zenock thinks it's funny because I will look right at him and tell him something about Gideon, but call him Zenock instead. Then he says something like, you mean Gideon, Mom? Oh, my gosh! I don't remember doing that to Ammon, but maybe I did.

My wonderful Mom is also on her way here right now on the plane. She called just before Gideon was born and said she was thinking about coming to visit and help out some when Brady went back to work.....all I can say is AWESOME!!!! She is staying until Friday morning - thank you Allegiant Air for having a direct flight from Idaho Falls, so convenient! So tomorrow she is going to be my chauffer so I can go get some things from the grocery store, and Joann's, since I am not supposed to drive until the weekend. I guess that means I get to be her personal GPS since she has never driven down here before. And I also get to introduce her to some of my friends at the weekly park play date - mostly for moms so we can have some adult time while the kids are all entertained. I am so excited. I haven't seen my mom since July. And then my sister is flying from North Idaho in the middle of February to spend a week with us when we bless Gideon at church, and my parents and sisters are coming then again too. So I get to see my mom two times in a month. I can't wait until she gets here in two hours! We are going to have a great week!!

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