Saturday, January 8, 2011

Photo time

Me and my gargantuan belly. We took a drive to Hoover Dam to drive on the new bridge they finished a few months ago. It was a fun ride.

Clinging to his leftover lunch so it won't spill.

Chillin' on the way to the bridge.

This is the new bridge from Nevada to Arizona. You no longer get to drive over Hoover Dam for security/safety reasons. And this is the crappy view you get. I know they made the walls that high on purpose so it won't slow traffic down because of the awesome view, but still, I was disappointed.

Playing a Bob The Builder game with Dad.

Trying out Gideon's carseat. It looks a little small for a 6 and a 4 year old in there at the same time!

We have a play group at the neighborhood park every Tuesday and Friday morning. I go for me, not the kids. I think all the mom's do though. It's nice for the kids to play with eachother outside of church, but really we all go for the girl time. My week seems off when we aren't able to go because of doctor's appointments or sickness. My boys ask just about every day if it's park day, so I know they like it as much as I do.

Ammon, Courtney, Zenock, and Klarissa. Tanner was on there too next to Klarisa, but he got up before I could get the camera out.

Ammon and Zenock on the slide with Tanner. At one point all the kids were going down the slide and running into everyone at the bottom. Zenock ended up getting squished pretty good, and he didn't like it very much. He went around to all the kids and told them to say sorry to him for squishing him. I tried not to laugh, really I did.


Beth Benson said...

I love all the pictures

Isle Family said...

You should find a time when Brady can go with you and walk on the bridge. If you head to Hoover Dam, don't go all the way, there is a parking lot where you can head up to the walkway on the bridge. We did it around Thanksgiving and the view is awesome, clear down to the dam.

Keiza said...

yeah, we've been to the dam a few times. we weren't up to it then, we mostly wanted to see the bridge, but we will when Gideon is older and Keiza is feeling better.