Saturday, June 23, 2012

From Idaho

 Sitting on the lawn across the street from the airport

Letting Gid get the wiggles out.

The inards of our "new to us" minivan.

He wanted to get out so bad. The drive was fine for him until the last 2 or 3 hours. He had just had enough at that point. It took us 11.5 hours to get there, and about that long to get home not counting the 3 stops we made. The home trip was 14 hours.

Rexburg Air Show. We have sure missed going to this every year.

He likes the planes too.

Ayla was inside my wrap. We had a great time.

Brady blessed Ayla at my parent's home on Saturday, the 16th.

Brady's side.

My side.

Stealing a drink from someone's unattended water bottle.

My sister Kacey, and her daughter Lizzy.

2 newest cousins. Konnor was born May 1st and towers over Ayla. He was blessed on Sunday the 17th in my sister's ward.

Great Grandma Deitz.

Eating lunch at a park before going to see the dinosaurs in Ogden.

Gid loved it.

Okay, everyone loved it.

Our butterfly casualty.

Visiting Idaho was awesome. I wish we could go back sooner.....or just make it easier and move there.

Entertainment in the am

Our tv finally died. It's been going out for a while, and I guess yesterday morning was the last straw. It won't turn on anymore. So we had to be a little creative with our time. I gave the boys a can of shaving cream and filled the pool with water at 9am yesterday. They loved going swimming in their jammies and playing with the "snow." Today I have no shaving cream, so I wonder what we will end up doing to stay entertained while Brady is sleeping.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thanks Pintrest!

I love pintrest! I pin clothing and refashion projects all the time because they are just so cool! I love that an old shirt can be revamped into something new. Thanks to a suggestion from a friend and pintrest inspiration, I took some of my plain tshirts and painted some of them using a freezer paper stencil and some fabric paint. I used my silhouette to cut fabric images for a couple more shirts and just ironed them on - like a homemade applique. Suddenly my old shirts become new again!

I made a moby wrap for Ayla a little while ago. I got a little extra fabric on purpose so I could make a skirt out of it - inspired from pintrest. Last night I went to project night at the church, it's a night once a month when we can set up the big tables and spread projects out to work on from 2-11pm. Everyone brings their kids and we just have fun. I made my skirt last night during that time. I didn't really follow a pattern. I used a skirt I already had for the origional template, adding ruffles were I wanted them. I love how it turned out! I pinned two skirts I liked and combined their design to get my own. The top phone picture is mine - I couldn't find my camera - and the bottom two were my inspiration.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

We love our sister!

Ayla is a wonderful baby. She sleeps pretty well for the most part during the night, and the boys just love her. Gideon loves ON her though. He asks to hold her then gives her a cuddle like the picture above. I think it's funny that when he cuddles something he always sucks his thumb. He also loves to stand on the bassinet and pat her head if he can reach it. Ammon and Zenock have been very helpful with her too. Sometimes they hold her for a minute while she is crying so I can finish doing what I need too before I feed her. Ayla definitely has a mad cry. If she doesn't get what she wants fast enough she has no problem letting me know she has no patience to wait one. second. more. She passed her birthweight by her first checkup at a week old. She was 6 lbs 8 oz then. We all love our baby!!!!

I want to give a HUGE shout out to my wonderful Mother!!!! She came to stay with us for a week so that Brady could go back to work. I am so glad she could come help me. I could not have survived and followed the doctors orders if she wasn't there. She was a huge help with Gideon and taking Ammon to and from school. She took me out of the house for the first time to get some errands done. We went to Walmart and Costco. Isn't that adventurous? I was just happy to get out of the house. A week without going anywhere except from the parking lot to the doctor's office and from the parking lot to Baskin Robbins is tough. I am still getting used to having 4 kids to cart around when we go somewhere as a family, but thanks to my wonderful husband, it's not so bad.

On that note, I am VERY thankful for my husband. I am thankful we have such a trusting, strong relationship. I am thankful we are often on the same page about a lot of different things. I am thankful he is willing to change our children's diapers and do the grocery shopping. I am also thankful for all the time we have spent researching minivans on the internet together. He was able to purchase a "new to us" minivan on Memorial day without me (since I wasn't feeling up to going anywhere yet). It just happened to be the same day as the 13th anniversary of our first date way back in high school. So technically I got one awesome anniversary present.......but we would have bought a van regardless of the occasion just because it was necessary. Apparently the law doesn't approve of 6 people traveling in a 5 passanger car!! We are all excited to take the van out on its first road trip in 2 weeks to Idaho. Six days with my husband is going to be amazing after he has no days off for 2.5 weeks so that he can take more time off to go to Idaho. I am really excited about having so much space for our stuff. The boys also get to take their bikes, which will be extra fun for them when we get to my parents house. Another reason to go north is to escape the summer heat for a while. It's been over 100* way too much already this summer. Yesterday it was almost 110* and still 105* after the sun went down. I might turn into fried chicken before the summer is over.