Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thanks Pintrest!

I love pintrest! I pin clothing and refashion projects all the time because they are just so cool! I love that an old shirt can be revamped into something new. Thanks to a suggestion from a friend and pintrest inspiration, I took some of my plain tshirts and painted some of them using a freezer paper stencil and some fabric paint. I used my silhouette to cut fabric images for a couple more shirts and just ironed them on - like a homemade applique. Suddenly my old shirts become new again!

I made a moby wrap for Ayla a little while ago. I got a little extra fabric on purpose so I could make a skirt out of it - inspired from pintrest. Last night I went to project night at the church, it's a night once a month when we can set up the big tables and spread projects out to work on from 2-11pm. Everyone brings their kids and we just have fun. I made my skirt last night during that time. I didn't really follow a pattern. I used a skirt I already had for the origional template, adding ruffles were I wanted them. I love how it turned out! I pinned two skirts I liked and combined their design to get my own. The top phone picture is mine - I couldn't find my camera - and the bottom two were my inspiration.


Melonie said...

I love how it turned out! Way to go.

Terri H said...

I soo love the way it turned out! and it looks great on you!!