Saturday, June 23, 2012

From Idaho

 Sitting on the lawn across the street from the airport

Letting Gid get the wiggles out.

The inards of our "new to us" minivan.

He wanted to get out so bad. The drive was fine for him until the last 2 or 3 hours. He had just had enough at that point. It took us 11.5 hours to get there, and about that long to get home not counting the 3 stops we made. The home trip was 14 hours.

Rexburg Air Show. We have sure missed going to this every year.

He likes the planes too.

Ayla was inside my wrap. We had a great time.

Brady blessed Ayla at my parent's home on Saturday, the 16th.

Brady's side.

My side.

Stealing a drink from someone's unattended water bottle.

My sister Kacey, and her daughter Lizzy.

2 newest cousins. Konnor was born May 1st and towers over Ayla. He was blessed on Sunday the 17th in my sister's ward.

Great Grandma Deitz.

Eating lunch at a park before going to see the dinosaurs in Ogden.

Gid loved it.

Okay, everyone loved it.

Our butterfly casualty.

Visiting Idaho was awesome. I wish we could go back sooner.....or just make it easier and move there.

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Melonie said...

looks like you had a great time with family!