Thursday, November 26, 2015

10 months

This little guy is getting adventurous. He is crawling normally now and pulling himself up on furniture. He loves to play under the table and put EVERYTHING in his mouth. He loves to go into the bathrooms and check out all the fun action in there....since it seems someone is always in one bathroom or another at our house. He has been observed crawling out the front door because siblings have trouble remembering to shut the door behind them. He loves to smile and laugh at his goofy brothers and sister....whom often fight over getting the most of his attention. They all love to hold him and play with him when it is their idea ;). Feeding Rydon baby food is still tough. He has great difficulty moving food to the back of his throat due to the open palate. I am looking forward to being able to let him feed himself soft food like peas, mashed potatoes, fruit, and crackers. I think he will quite enjoy the "big boy food" when his mouth is fixed. We all love this little roamer of ours!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lots of home time

November has been full of teacher inservice days...which means my boys are home way more than I am used to. Our days are full of house cleaning, laundry, homework, and cleaning the floor of everything bigger than a kernel of rice so Rydon doesn't choke on it. The kid loves to put the tiniest piece of something in there and then proceed to gag and barf until it either comes out by itself or I sweep it out.
 She was giving me "Elsa hair"
 His shirt says, "If I don't scare you, my diaper will."
 The best play area in the whole house. He just loves and loves to crawl under the table and see what he can find....hence the constant choking problem.
 Eating is exhausting work for everyone involved.
 Ammon's school project visual. It's a topographical map of Alaska...made out of pizza dough, cheese, Halloween candy, and an egg carton.
 Cool panorama of Brady's day at work.
 Soccer is finally over!!!

 We went to Parhump to watch some dirt track racing last Saturday. All five kids had a pretty good time. It was really windy, so it felt significantly colder than it was. Even after hot chocolate and using blankets we were cold. All five kids zonked out in the van on the ride home.

This little trouble maker was playing with ice cream cones while I was putting Rydon down for a nap. Here is a rundown of the text conversation I was having with Brady while the laughing was going on. He said: My kids are adorably crazy. Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: "Two sleeves of crushed ice cream cones. Nothing a little vacuuming won't fix....but I just laid Rydon down for nap." Followed by the photo of Ayla above. I never did get mad this time around. I highly encouraged them to help me clean it up after Rydon woke up two hours later. They weren't that fond of helping me use the vacuum.