Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fatness and shortness

You should all have figured out by now that I have slightly vertically challeged kids. What can I say, they take after me. Today we had some weighing and measuring. Zenock is 32.5 lbs, 39.5 in tall. Gideon is 16.5 lbs, 24.5 in tall. I can't believe my 6 month old (not until tomorrow anyway, but what's one day) is half the weight of my four and a half year old. Crazy!!!!! But that also means that when Zenock has his shoes on, the next time we go to Disneyland (if we ever get to go back as soon as we can) he will be tall enough to ride thunder mountain railroad with Ammon and I. How exciting!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Honesty is the best policy

Tonight it was Zenock's turn for family prayer. At one point he said, "Bless mommy to not be grumpy." And then the prayer was over. We were all giggling, and it just got worse as we tried to stop.

Monday, July 11, 2011

So far this summer

I have been pretty darn lazy about my blog because my computer is running super slow, and I need to clean up the hard drive. However, that is a long, boring process, involving a lot of work saving all of our junk onto cd's and usb I am procrastinating that event. But because we are running so slow over here, loading pictures onto the blog takes FOREVER! And I just don't have that kind of patience right now. So here's the short not so short list of our summer break:

-Ammon graduated from kindergarten on June 6th
-Ammon's 2 top teeth he lost in April are finally growing in
-Ammon has discovered the old school super mario brothers 3 game and begs to play all the time
-We go swimming a lot since it is most often way over 100 degrees
-Brady has had a crummy work schedule, so he has either spent much of the day sleeping or at work, but he has also had several days off - and we like that too :)
-Zenock loves to have Ammon home all day
-Gideon has his first tooth, horray for him being so big!
-Gideon can roll over all over the place
-Gideon loves to get on the tile floor and slap it with his hand. I think he likes the sound because he always bangs his hand on stuff.......and when I clap his hands he giggles
-Zenock got Gideon giggling last week just by bouncing a stuffed animal on the ground. It was so cute to watch, but as soon as I got the video camera out he didn't think it was funny anymore
-Zenock and Ammon both LOVE to hold their little brother
-We got a season pass to the children's museum here. It's pretty cool, and the kids love it
-My visiting teacher told me about the swivel sweeper, and seriously, it is every mom's dream. I love that the kids use it so I have one less household job to do
-We cleaned out the toys among many tears and took some things to D.I. I was the happy one
-Gideon usually only gets up once during the night now......sometimes......ok not as consistantly as I would like
-And we go to Costco a lot just to visit the tasting tables. Ammon loves that.
-Oh, and we finally used our giftcard to the movies that we got from family for Christmas. We got to see the very first showing of Cars 2. What a cute movie! We still have a balance left, so on my list next is Transformers 3 in 3D......without the kids :)