Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dang toddler

I started a couple of new Thanksgiving traditions this year. We had corn pudding for the second year in a row with dinner; it's so delicious I decided to make it every year. Another is to put up the Christmas tree in the evening and then watch The Christmas Story. I buy ornaments for the kids every year and one for us too. This year I found the "major award" from that movie as an ornament. Yes, we now have a leg lamp hanging on our tree. Our tree was up and decorated for almost 24 hours and then Gideon pulled it down. Two ornaments were shattered and 4 others were broken but repairable. One of the shattered ones was from when I was a kid and the other was Zenock's preschool ornament he made for us last year. A glass ball with his hand print on it. Each of the fingers had a face for each person in our family. I was bummed that one was a casualty. I have all the fragile ones at the top of our tree, but that's not floor proof when it gets knocked down.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Cute things from Ammon

Ammon is such a funny kid sometimes. Back story: a while ago Brady showed the boys how fun it was to mix treats in with popcorn like goldfish and fruit snacks. Somehow that translated in Ammon's brain to mean a popcorn treasure hunt. Tonight while watching Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer he asked for a treasure hunt. At first I had no clue what he was talking about so he had to explain it to me. He asked for some jolly ranchers in his popcorn, he even picked out the ones he wanted, and then he asked me to hide them in his bowl so he could find them while eating his popcorn. I tried SO HARD not to laugh. It's the cutest thing he's done in a while. I love my little boy. His joy for life is so wonderful. I love how he turns the simple things like a bowl of popcorn into something extraordinary.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ayla playing

After watching her play with this lid, which she grabbed out of my hand, I think she's ready to play with teething and other baby toys. She sure has fun with anything within her reach...the hymnbook, paper, whatever the person holding her has nearby...everything. She's so cute! Watching her play with this particular lid reminds me of an octopus mouth.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sewing the day away

I now know how my mom felt during the holiday season. Mom, I am truly sorry for interrupting you so much while you were sewing to get ready for Christmas.....I really am. My children have been my trial today as I tried to knock out some Christmas presents. It took me all day, I'm not kidding, to make 2 taggie toys for Ayla and a nephew. Oh. My. Holy. Toddler. Terror!!!!! Gideon almost cut his finger on my fabric scissors. He played with my pins by the handful and threw them on the floor. He took off my thread 3 times. He tore 6 ribbon spools apart so now I have a mess of ribbon in my box. What didn't he do to my stuff???? I guess I should admit I don't share my toys nicely with others....especially if they are under 3.....actually, 7 because many times Zenock was in the thick of my projects too. I did manage to finish the toys before bedtime, and after everyone went to bed and Brady went to work I cut out two more projects. I hope they turn out as good as I see them in my head. All four of these things are made thanks to pintrest inspiration, but without a pattern so it takes me a little longer to organize everything. I also started working on a Christmas decoration for myself made out of a dowel and burlap strips. Yes, I will have bragging pictures when I am all finished. Thanks for listening to me complain for a moment. You may now go back to your regularly scheduled lives.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Since school started poor Gideon is like a lost puppy when the boys are gone. I started walking with my friend 3 mornings a week about 2 months ago because she has the same problem with her daughter. This week she decided to be lame a good sister and attend her sisters wedding in Arizona. I've been trying hard to keep Gideon busy. Yesterday we went grocery shopping. Today I put in a construction vehicle movie that we've had since Zenock was a baby. Gid is in heaven!!!! He keeps pointing and shouting at the tv. He let me load the diswasher without help.....which I am thankful for since he "helped" the boys unload it this morning and shattered a big glass bowl I use all the time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Shooting on the range

Top left is with my left arm extended all the way, shooting left-handed from one yard with ten rounds. Top right is my right arm extended all the way, shooting right-handed from one yard with ten rounds. Bottom left was with both hands on the pistol from five yeards away, with 35 rounds...I hit 16 inside the circle. Bottom right was from three yards away with both hands on the pistol and arms fully extended. I used 20 rounds and got 11 inside the circle. I still have much more practicing to do before qualifying for my ccw permit.
We had so much fun shooting this afternoon out in the desert. Brady's sister and her family came with us, our home teacher and his son, and another guy from church. Our older boys got to shoot the 22 rifle....heavily supervised of course. They loved shooting the bowling pin we used as a target. I did a lot of practicing for my ccw permit qualifications. I have to get 75% of my rounds inside the circle to pass the test, so I do have more work to do to meet that. I also tryed out my sister-in-law's Bersa Thunder, .380 caliber. I loved it!!! It shoots more controlled than Brady's Ruger LCP, so I can actually hit the target where I was aiming. I also shot a magazine of .223 on the Ruger Mini 14. Gosh I love that rifle! It packs a wallop, but with the stock style and just how the rifle is built it doesn't kick much at all. I hit a rock and broke it more than once. The light was fading so I could see the sparks when the rock was hit....Brady thought that was pretty awesome! I love sharing my husband's hobby! We have such a good time on the range together, and the kids like it too. I can't wait to be an even better markswoman ;). 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Killing with kindness

Today in Relief Society we had a lesson about showing kindness and patience to others. Imagine that! Mother's and women need to be reminded how important it is to be kind and patient with others.....hmmmm......we must have so many responsibilities in life with children, husbands, extended family, jobs, household duties, etc that we tend to forget to relax and act more Christ-like toward others. There was a healthy discussion throughout the class about things that prohibit us from acting more like our Savior. We talked about making effort to serve our family and friends who have wronged us in order to learn to love them. Many sisters gave examples of hard times with others and how they overcame difficulties with said person. We were also reminded to accept compliments graciously when they are given to us.  This is something I have difficulty with on do many men and women. At the end of our lesson the teacher asked us to turn to the person next to us and give a sincere compliment. The wonderful friend I sat next to reminded me about when we first met. She said how thankful she was that I was so friendly to her when we first met in the spring of 2011. She had just moved into the ward and came to the park nearby our homes with her kids. She told me that she remembered how I saw them and immediately sat down by them and started introducing myself and getting to know them. She told me how funny it was that one of the ladies there didn't have any kids so I said something like, "Oh, you don't have kids? Well here's my baby....hold him for me." Which she did the whole time we were at the park. She said she loved how warm and welcoming I was to her and her friends who had just moved into the area.

That said, for those who know should know I am EXTREMELY shy. I am so shy I don't like calling people on the phone unless it's my family, I have trouble wanting to comment in classes, at church activities I often have trouble starting a conversation or including myself in a conversation with those around me. So for me to immediately sit down and get to know someone I just met is very difficult. My sweet husband has helped me immensely with this over the years because he is so friendly to everyone. I just wanted to write this down for me to remember later....I am trying, have been trying for a long time, to not be so shy. I have been making a conscious effort to make more friends - and quickly - when we moved to Nevada, because I was so far out of my comfort zone. Apparently, my efforts have not been in vain. I'm just happy that we're here, because the LORD needs us here. And making friends along the way makes life easier, both now and in the long run.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ammon's baptism

It's unbelievable sometimes to realize Brady and I have a child old enough to get baptized!

This weekend we were able to have family visit from Utah and Idaho for this special event. Although Ammon had the flu a few hours before he was baptized, he still had a shining glow of happiness about him. The program was as follows:
Brother Rose, the first counselor in our Bishopric, conducted
Uncle Ronny said the opening prayer
Aunt Kalina gave a talk on Baptism
Ammon, Zenock, and Brady sang When I am Baptized accompanied by our friend, Jason Hafen
Brady's Mom gave a talk on the Holy Ghost
Ammon was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Brady
Uncle Kahel said the closing prayer

We had a blast playing with cousins and eating icecream afterwards at Brady's mom's house. My parents came with my brother and sister. They went to both boys' last soccer games of the season earlier in the day. Ammon wasn't feeling well during his game, and ended up being sick a little later in the afternoon. He was worried about having to cancel the baptism because he didn't want to be sick while in the font with Daddy. After a nap on his brother's bed, he felt somewhat better, and after the program was over he acted like his usual self. I sure love my oldest boy so much!

I am very proud of him for being such a great kid. His thirst for knowledge is amazing. We often have discussions about gospel principles as we read the scriptures, he asks questions all day long about everything....he just always wants to know what is going on and why. Before he was interviewed for his baptism, he was asking me about what a testimony is and how he gets one of his own. As a kid myself I didn't have such a desire to know things like this, that I remember. I don't remember learning truely about what a testimony until I was 12 or older. Both Brady and I have had many teaching moments such as this with the boys in recent months. I hope he keeps asking questions and having a strong desire to learn as he grows older. I think this quality will help him as he progresses in life with high school experiences, church callings, work opportunities....everything.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Time change stinks

This daylight savings time change really stinks when I have kids. At 6:35 this morning Gideon slammed my door open, played with the phone, got into his brother's halloween candy, and woke everyone up except Brady. How he can sleep with all the rukus is beyond me. I was feeding Ayla when he came in, and I was hoping she was almost done so I could lay her back down......but thanks to Gideon she's wide awake too. I miss my sleep so much. I fell asleep around 10:30 last night. Ayla was up at 11:30pm, 2am, 5am, and 6am. I am REALLY ready for her to go back to sleeping 8 hours again. What happened to that? She was doing soooo good from about 2 to 3 months old. What's up with this newborn-like nighttime feeding? I had to sleep train Gideon when he was 9 months, and I am really hoping Ayla just does it herself. However, I don't think that's going to happen.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Some space

Tonight as I peruse pinterest I wish I had a craft room....a place to go after the kids go to bed and husband goes to work. A place where I feel like I won't bother sleeping little people, so I can let all those ideas floating around in my brain all day come out and play. I need a space to complete the christmas projects still undone in my craft closet. I need a place to store paint.......a place up very very high......a place where neither Zenock nor Gideon can reach.....somewhere other than right in front of the other craft stuff I often need to get out to use. So here I am sitting on the couch wishing for the ability to productively fill my time instead of being on the computer as the children sleep. I can't sew when they are awake.....I can't sew when they are asleep. I just can't win these days.

6 year old tantrums

This is my rant instead of yelling at my kid. Zenock is having real trouble eating in a timely I'm talking taking over an hour to eat homemade chicken nuggets and corn. We have started setting the timer for 10-15 minutes and when it goes off eating time is finished and remaining food gets thrown away. If he doesn't finish his food he doesn't get snacks or treats and has to wait until the next meal to eat. Today he ate the chips (my mistake for actually giving them to him with a meal instead of after), oranges, and one fish stick....the other 4 got thrown away. He was so mad at me because he wasn't done. Rules are rules!! This happened almost two hours ago and he's still mad at me. This is what he just told me:
"The only thing that will calm me down is you buying me a toy. That's the only thing." In your dreams buddy. Boys who have tantrums and don't do what Mom says don't get fun things........and like I would buy him a toy anyway. He just had a birthday for crying out loud. Between his food attitude and Gideon's toddler pickiness Brady and I are just about at our whits end with mealtime around here. We can't have hotdogs, macaroni and cheese, or pizza for every dang meal. Life doesn't work that way, here at home or anywhere else either.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Birthday Bash

The kids had a joint party at the park this year in between their birthdays. We had a halloween carnival. Everyone came in their costumes and we played 5 games. Haunted house marble racing, duck hunting, pumpkin bowling, eyeball racing, and cauldron toss. Thankfully I convinced three other mom's and my husband to help me with each of the games! The treats were juice boxes, green rice crispy treats, and carmel apple slices. The party was a big hit....and I am one tired mom! Next year I think we will just have one friend come over for the afternoon on their special day and call it good. This all out party thing is too much work!!!

Ammon's gang: Alex, Angie, Ammon, Lacey, Elijah

Zenock's crowd: Trevor, Kimball, Gideon, Jack, Zenock, Isaiah, Lexi

Ammon's loot with his friend Alex

Zenock's loot with his friend Alex