Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ammon's baptism

It's unbelievable sometimes to realize Brady and I have a child old enough to get baptized!

This weekend we were able to have family visit from Utah and Idaho for this special event. Although Ammon had the flu a few hours before he was baptized, he still had a shining glow of happiness about him. The program was as follows:
Brother Rose, the first counselor in our Bishopric, conducted
Uncle Ronny said the opening prayer
Aunt Kalina gave a talk on Baptism
Ammon, Zenock, and Brady sang When I am Baptized accompanied by our friend, Jason Hafen
Brady's Mom gave a talk on the Holy Ghost
Ammon was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Brady
Uncle Kahel said the closing prayer

We had a blast playing with cousins and eating icecream afterwards at Brady's mom's house. My parents came with my brother and sister. They went to both boys' last soccer games of the season earlier in the day. Ammon wasn't feeling well during his game, and ended up being sick a little later in the afternoon. He was worried about having to cancel the baptism because he didn't want to be sick while in the font with Daddy. After a nap on his brother's bed, he felt somewhat better, and after the program was over he acted like his usual self. I sure love my oldest boy so much!

I am very proud of him for being such a great kid. His thirst for knowledge is amazing. We often have discussions about gospel principles as we read the scriptures, he asks questions all day long about everything....he just always wants to know what is going on and why. Before he was interviewed for his baptism, he was asking me about what a testimony is and how he gets one of his own. As a kid myself I didn't have such a desire to know things like this, that I remember. I don't remember learning truely about what a testimony until I was 12 or older. Both Brady and I have had many teaching moments such as this with the boys in recent months. I hope he keeps asking questions and having a strong desire to learn as he grows older. I think this quality will help him as he progresses in life with high school experiences, church callings, work opportunities....everything.

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