Thursday, November 1, 2012

Birthday Bash

The kids had a joint party at the park this year in between their birthdays. We had a halloween carnival. Everyone came in their costumes and we played 5 games. Haunted house marble racing, duck hunting, pumpkin bowling, eyeball racing, and cauldron toss. Thankfully I convinced three other mom's and my husband to help me with each of the games! The treats were juice boxes, green rice crispy treats, and carmel apple slices. The party was a big hit....and I am one tired mom! Next year I think we will just have one friend come over for the afternoon on their special day and call it good. This all out party thing is too much work!!!

Ammon's gang: Alex, Angie, Ammon, Lacey, Elijah

Zenock's crowd: Trevor, Kimball, Gideon, Jack, Zenock, Isaiah, Lexi

Ammon's loot with his friend Alex

Zenock's loot with his friend Alex

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