Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sewing the day away

I now know how my mom felt during the holiday season. Mom, I am truly sorry for interrupting you so much while you were sewing to get ready for Christmas.....I really am. My children have been my trial today as I tried to knock out some Christmas presents. It took me all day, I'm not kidding, to make 2 taggie toys for Ayla and a nephew. Oh. My. Holy. Toddler. Terror!!!!! Gideon almost cut his finger on my fabric scissors. He played with my pins by the handful and threw them on the floor. He took off my thread 3 times. He tore 6 ribbon spools apart so now I have a mess of ribbon in my box. What didn't he do to my stuff???? I guess I should admit I don't share my toys nicely with others....especially if they are under 3.....actually, 7 because many times Zenock was in the thick of my projects too. I did manage to finish the toys before bedtime, and after everyone went to bed and Brady went to work I cut out two more projects. I hope they turn out as good as I see them in my head. All four of these things are made thanks to pintrest inspiration, but without a pattern so it takes me a little longer to organize everything. I also started working on a Christmas decoration for myself made out of a dowel and burlap strips. Yes, I will have bragging pictures when I am all finished. Thanks for listening to me complain for a moment. You may now go back to your regularly scheduled lives.


Lifes Little Adventures said...

Keiza, you crack me up! I am amazed that you were able to get done the four projects you did. Every time I go in my craft room I have all three of my sweetkins follow me in. the picture you painted is all to familiar to me, only I have no real projects to show for it. nada. I am hoping for next year? I dunno. Thanks for the smiles, and hope though. Good luck on finishing your plans!

Melonie said...

I totally know the sewing with a toddler situation! I decided it just isn't worth it and only sew when he is napping. Crazy kids!