Monday, November 12, 2012

Shooting on the range

Top left is with my left arm extended all the way, shooting left-handed from one yard with ten rounds. Top right is my right arm extended all the way, shooting right-handed from one yard with ten rounds. Bottom left was with both hands on the pistol from five yeards away, with 35 rounds...I hit 16 inside the circle. Bottom right was from three yards away with both hands on the pistol and arms fully extended. I used 20 rounds and got 11 inside the circle. I still have much more practicing to do before qualifying for my ccw permit.
We had so much fun shooting this afternoon out in the desert. Brady's sister and her family came with us, our home teacher and his son, and another guy from church. Our older boys got to shoot the 22 rifle....heavily supervised of course. They loved shooting the bowling pin we used as a target. I did a lot of practicing for my ccw permit qualifications. I have to get 75% of my rounds inside the circle to pass the test, so I do have more work to do to meet that. I also tryed out my sister-in-law's Bersa Thunder, .380 caliber. I loved it!!! It shoots more controlled than Brady's Ruger LCP, so I can actually hit the target where I was aiming. I also shot a magazine of .223 on the Ruger Mini 14. Gosh I love that rifle! It packs a wallop, but with the stock style and just how the rifle is built it doesn't kick much at all. I hit a rock and broke it more than once. The light was fading so I could see the sparks when the rock was hit....Brady thought that was pretty awesome! I love sharing my husband's hobby! We have such a good time on the range together, and the kids like it too. I can't wait to be an even better markswoman ;). 

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