Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dang toddler

I started a couple of new Thanksgiving traditions this year. We had corn pudding for the second year in a row with dinner; it's so delicious I decided to make it every year. Another is to put up the Christmas tree in the evening and then watch The Christmas Story. I buy ornaments for the kids every year and one for us too. This year I found the "major award" from that movie as an ornament. Yes, we now have a leg lamp hanging on our tree. Our tree was up and decorated for almost 24 hours and then Gideon pulled it down. Two ornaments were shattered and 4 others were broken but repairable. One of the shattered ones was from when I was a kid and the other was Zenock's preschool ornament he made for us last year. A glass ball with his hand print on it. Each of the fingers had a face for each person in our family. I was bummed that one was a casualty. I have all the fragile ones at the top of our tree, but that's not floor proof when it gets knocked down.

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