Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A joke

I made up a joke today.
What does Gideon say after getting in trouble for playing with a Sharpie marker?

"Oh, dude!"

And now I have beautiful permenant drawings on the tile, my rug, Gideon's hands, and his mouth. This is what happens when I am trying to cook dinner.


Lifes Little Adventures said...

Oh Kieza! I ask so sorry! So sorry. I can't top that one,nor will I try, but let me tell you a funny. Picture my four year old returning from other bathroom with his pants at his ankles stomping in like a cow boy saying:"Stompacourous is here to day." Just looking at me with a coy grin. I as m so sorry about your floors. Did he choose a good color?

Keiza said...

He chose blue....I don't have any blue in any decor we have. I guess he thought I needed more variety around the house. Your son is funny!! Oh kids! We can't live with them, but we can't live without them either.