Friday, December 21, 2012

Lights parade

This is my kind of parade!!!

My camera stinks at night shots, especially with lighted, moving subjects....but you get the idea

The big trucks with lights were the highlight. All the kids loved them. We saw 3 marching bands - one of them was in the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade in NYC last month, and another played in DC near the Whitehouse. A pony club came by and one of them got spooked so it was dragging the trap, taking the driver and her child for a wild ride right in front of us. I felt bad that the lady was so scared, and I'm happy that no one got hurt. I will admit it was interesting to watch though. We saw lots of cars and big semi's with awesome lights.

Evidence of Gideon's enthusiasm.

Ayla spent over half the parade asleep which was nice because although it was 48* outside, after dark it starts to get really cold when we just sit and do nothing. Special thanks to the Boyer's in our ward for lending me a winter snowsuit for Ayla. I need to get her one....or make her wear the 12 month boy one I have somewhere in the garage.

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