Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Goofy kids

She LOVES the jumper. This time she was jumping really high and vigorously.

"Oh, Daddy, you have something fun. Let me grab and check it out." She got ahold of his name badge and security tags, loving the retractable string.

She loves the floor, and the boys love playing with her on the floor too. Ammon got down and was talking to her which made her laugh.

The "fort". Made from EVERYTHING they could get their hands on. I think the backpacks were walls...the middle of the hallway is not a good choice for fort building my opinion. But they had serious fun with this chaos. That's what counts.

Teething + getting mobile = chew on everything in sight. Even if that means to figure out a way to wiggle and squirm over to something so she can give it a good slobber. One bottom tooth has been through for a week and a half, and another is coming shortly. The booger meter has gone on overload today. Why teething creates massive snottage I will never know...but it does and it's gross.

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