Thursday, December 6, 2012

We went to Utah

Road trip to Lehi/Draper/SLC last weekend to see Wyatt -Ron and Christa's little dude- get blessed. Our first stop was a petting zoo in Scipio, UT. Although it was closed, we still got to walk around the front and view some of the animals. Zenock thought the poop stunk. We had icecream at Dairy Queen across the street. It was delicious :)

Nosy osterich

Zebra and really pretty breed of cow.

Tempanyaki dinner with Brady's family Saturday night.

Temple square in SLC Sunday night. The lights were beautiful.

Aaronic priesthood sculpture

Melchizedek priesthood sculpture

Assembly hall

Lifesize nativity. It was so beautiful

Christus at North visitor center

Visited my aunt who lives across the freeway from Ikea. Funnest store EVER!!! I see why so many people like it. Some of their prices are amazing. Scored some toddler dishes for the littler two for Christmas. We stayed with my cousin in South Jordan, UT at night and also visited with my only living Grandma. It was a little hard to split our time between three different families in two short days, but we did the best we could.

Favorite blankie got left in Lehi for the night. All was right once he got it back.

Cove Fort. This thing picks up bales of hay.

Blacksmith shop and oxen lift out back.

Cove Fort on the way home. It was a good place to strech our legs,

After the blessing we gathered at Brady's brother's house. We had a wonderful weekend.

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