Sunday, November 11, 2012

Killing with kindness

Today in Relief Society we had a lesson about showing kindness and patience to others. Imagine that! Mother's and women need to be reminded how important it is to be kind and patient with others.....hmmmm......we must have so many responsibilities in life with children, husbands, extended family, jobs, household duties, etc that we tend to forget to relax and act more Christ-like toward others. There was a healthy discussion throughout the class about things that prohibit us from acting more like our Savior. We talked about making effort to serve our family and friends who have wronged us in order to learn to love them. Many sisters gave examples of hard times with others and how they overcame difficulties with said person. We were also reminded to accept compliments graciously when they are given to us.  This is something I have difficulty with on do many men and women. At the end of our lesson the teacher asked us to turn to the person next to us and give a sincere compliment. The wonderful friend I sat next to reminded me about when we first met. She said how thankful she was that I was so friendly to her when we first met in the spring of 2011. She had just moved into the ward and came to the park nearby our homes with her kids. She told me that she remembered how I saw them and immediately sat down by them and started introducing myself and getting to know them. She told me how funny it was that one of the ladies there didn't have any kids so I said something like, "Oh, you don't have kids? Well here's my baby....hold him for me." Which she did the whole time we were at the park. She said she loved how warm and welcoming I was to her and her friends who had just moved into the area.

That said, for those who know should know I am EXTREMELY shy. I am so shy I don't like calling people on the phone unless it's my family, I have trouble wanting to comment in classes, at church activities I often have trouble starting a conversation or including myself in a conversation with those around me. So for me to immediately sit down and get to know someone I just met is very difficult. My sweet husband has helped me immensely with this over the years because he is so friendly to everyone. I just wanted to write this down for me to remember later....I am trying, have been trying for a long time, to not be so shy. I have been making a conscious effort to make more friends - and quickly - when we moved to Nevada, because I was so far out of my comfort zone. Apparently, my efforts have not been in vain. I'm just happy that we're here, because the LORD needs us here. And making friends along the way makes life easier, both now and in the long run.


Melonie said...

what a great lesson. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it and the reminder for us all to be more kind and patient. I like the thought that any good thought is a thought of God and when acted upon will bring about God's work. Just remember that next time we are in a situation that we think, eh, I am too shy to do that good idea... we may be missing out on an opportunity to be an instrument of the Lord.

Keiza said...

Thank you! I agree whole-heartedly!! You are also a wonderful friend, and especially kind to others....always!!! :) Thanks for teaching our sweet toddlers in nursery!