Saturday, January 22, 2011

Settling in

As a family of 5. And I LOVE it! We had an excellent week with Brady at home, and it was even more meaningful because in the 3 weeks leading up to Gideon's birth, he worked about 237 hours. The boys are doing a great job being big brothers. I heard Zenock tell Ammon yesterday that Gideon is his best little brother. I love that the boys are older and more capable of helping me, especially with picking things up off the floor since I can't bend over very well yet. I had my first trip out of the house for something other than the doctor on Thursday night. We went to the grocery store...I know, so exciting. But I am feeling pretty good as I have more days of surgery behind me. Gideon does really well sleeping at night. He wakes up about every 2.5 to 3 hours to eat and then goes right back to sleep. He naps pretty well during the day too. Sometimes he catnaps in the morning hours so it seems almost impossible to have a few guarranteed minutes to shower, but I am managing!

I found Gideon sucking his fingers one morning this week. He hasn't done it since that I have seen.

They love their little brother. Zenock always asks if he can touch him.

Okay, so we all love our new little baby!

It's difficult to take a good picture of him when he's awake because he wiggles so much. This is pretty much as good as it gets.

The boys were trying to get Gideon to play with his toy they picked out for him. But really I heavily influenced them to pick the alligator because it was the one I liked the best.

And this is Mr. Independent. We got a new tube of toothpaste for the boys, and now Zz brushes his teeth when he gets up in the morning and after every meal. It's really funny, but I'm not complaining because he has figured out how to do it himself. I just have to remember to not go anywhere important on those kind of days because he gets toothpaste spit all down his shirt most of the time. But hey, I'm not complaining about one less thing I have to do or supervise for him!

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