Sunday, September 4, 2016

Canning peaches

Our peach tree was loaded this year!  We picked about 50 pounds in an hour Friday night.  Our friends, the Wades, came up from Tooele yesterday to pick the rest,  about 40 pounds,  and have dinner and smores with us. We had a great time!  Bethany helped me make some jam because, but half of the batch didn't set up so w have 12 half pints of peach syrup. I think we are going to give syrup and pancake mix to neighbors for Christmas this year. I have three gallons of frozen peaches so far,  and two coolers full of blanched peaches were didn't get to yesterday.  There's also peaches set aside to make two fresh peach pies today. Harvesting is hard work,  but worth every minute! I am so thankful we live in Utah,  on a property that has mature fruit trees and garden space.

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