Saturday, August 17, 2013


Coupons for 2 for 1 admission to fun events is the best thing!!! We used some and took the older kids to Adventuredome at Circus Circus earlier this week. The younger two got to stay home and play with a babysitter. Adventuredome is an indoor theme park. Ammon rode his very first loopy roller coaster. Zenock giggled on the frog hopper while Ammon wanted to'll see what I mean in the video further down. We had such a blast, riding everything once, except the sling shot and the one that flips and spins all different directions while about 30 feet in the air. Some of the rides had height restrictions, so Zenock didn't get to do all the rides Ammon did...but he still had a great time.

Planes and helicopters! The planes had flashing lights and pretend guns. The boys were in heaven!

We saw three 4D shows, Happy Feet, Dora and Diego, and SpongeBob. Two of them were 3D and the other one had motion.

Ferris Wheel. The buckets looked like hot air balloons.

Carousel!! They had tons of cool animals to ride. Ammon chose the dragon looking horse.

Zenock chose the leopard, his very favorite animal.

Bumper cars!

Ammon was already so scared, poor kid. The roller coaster had 2 loops and a cork screw, going 55 mph. The whole ride was only a minute long, so I figured he could survive. He said he was really really scared, but he just closed his eyes when they went through the loops.

The little kid roller coaster. Zenock giggled the whole time.

A bus that went up kind of high and around in a circle. It then went backwards.

Bumper cars!

Riding the planes again. Ammon chose to ride the bumper cars one more time while I took Zenock on this ride.

So excited for the roller coaster!

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