Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tons of picutes, no longer behind

After this post I am all caught up on what we have been doing. Brady has been working all week training on the job. He looks so good in his uniform. I should sneak a picture of him and put it on here. I am so glad he is working, although sometimes he says the work is really boring. But at least he gets paid to be bored right? He has tomorrow and Monday off, then I think his schedule next week is different. Ammon starts Kindergarten on Monday. Yesterday we went to the school for an open house type thing to meet his teacher and know where the classroom is. It will be a small adjustment for Zencok and his nap schedule, but I am excited for Ammon to start school. It will be so nice to have something for him to do. I think I am even looking forward to the homework a little because then he still has something to do for a few minutes every night.

I let the kids play with the camera for a few minutes. Ammon took this one.

Zenock took this one.
Ammon took this one.
And I took this one! We found some water balloons for $1, so we have been doing that after dinner a few times. It's hard to keep the bowl stoked with balloons when they can throw them faster than we can fill em. Zz was trying to get my feet wet.

We went to a free Baby Expo at one of the casinos. There was a party booth making balloon things for kids. I saw shark hats, octopi, cars, and princess hats. Ammon chose a sword, and Zenock chose a helicopter. Neither one lasted more than a day because they were playing rough with them. The helicopter was so awesome. I can't believe the guy could actually make one. Such talented people!

After the expo we went to another casino down the street to show the kids the aquarium they have. We've been there before, but not for several years. It's in the lobby entrance for Bass Pro Shops. We just happened to be there when the mermaid came out to swim for the kids. It was really cute. She kept trying to give a kiss to Zenock and Ammon, but they didn't want to get near the glass if she was in front of them. I hope they are scared of girls for a while longer! This picture is Ammon, Brady, and Zenock. None of the pictures turned out very well because I have a crappy camera, so I had to turn the flash off in order to see anything in the aquarium.

This is the mermaid

"Helping" make brownies and getting into other stuff on the counter.

Mission Hills park has a splash area. It was pirate themed. Ammon loved it. Zencok just wanted to get other people wet.

Standing under the pirate flag water.

The famous pizza from last night. Zenock wanted a NASCAR. It turned out looking more like a truck, but he didn't care.

Ammon chose a monster truck. They took pictures of each other. Pretty good huh?

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