Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another week has come and gone with no job offers for Brady yet. It's been a rough month for us, but we are trying to make the most of it by doing free family activities and just spending time together. Brady has been a huge help around the house, he even organized the garage! We have been able to go to the splash park a couple of times as well. This last time Zenock said he was going to be happy about wearing a life jacket...good for him! He has figured out that if he has a life jacket on he can get around in the water by himself and it's not scary! I just like the water slide!!

Sunday and Monday we had some fabulous weather. I'm not saying a summer of sunshine isn't nice, but it's just too hot. However, those two days is was "fairly" the low 90's. Sunday evening we were outside and I noticed how cool it felt. Sure enough, it wasn't even 85! I was really happy. I made the most of it by cleaning up the patio and having the kids pick up all the rocks they have spread all along the turf. I think they only got 1/3 of them taken care of, but there's a lot of rocks out there where rocks don't belong. Leave it to boys to find a way to scatter dirty stuff all over the yard. I am sure if it wasn't rocks it would have been sand, or dirt, or some other landscaping material. They're just so good at making a mess.

There are 17 days left until Ammon starts you think I am excited? YEP!!! I am excited for someone who has the patience to answer his mound of never-ending questions. I am excited for him to learn new things like reading and spelling words. I am excited to save all those cute art projects. And I am excited to have just one kid home for a couple of hours (at least until the baby comes). Summer is quickly coming to an end, HURRAY!!! Then we can play outside more, and the boys can ride their bikes as much as they want. Hopefully then they won't be so bored!

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