Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yesterday was Ammon's first day of Kindergarten. He told me in the morning that he was a little nervous. But after getting to school I think he got over it pretty quick. When we picked him up he said he loves school! It's going to take all of us a little bit to get used to our new schedule though. Since he's in the afternoon class we have all morning to run errands and play. Then lunch and school time. Zenock's naptime has to change so he gets up in time to go pick up Ammon. Yesterday he really didn't want to wake up. I felt bad picking him up and carrying him to the car. But we survived! Ammon said this morning, "Today is my second day of school!!!" It was really cute!

Of course Zenock had to be in the picture too, with his own "pack bag." He has this idea that he has to wear it when we take and pick up Ammon, since Ammon is wearing one. He's so funny. Yesterday he asked me more than once if he was going to go to school too. Eventually, YES!

Our weather the last 2 days has been SO NICE! The high was 90 degrees! We made sure to spend lots of time outside most of the day since we have been house bound since the extreme heat set in in June. Sunday we swam for hours at Brady's mom's house. Yesterday we played outside, went to the park after dinner, and rode bikes when we got home from that. The kids loved it, and so did I because they weren't watching TV.

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