Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another day

Today ended up being not what I expected. I got up with Ammon twice during the early early morning hours so he could be sick. I had him finish the night on the couch witha bowl beside him just in case. Zenock was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7 am, except that he had his whiney button turned on permenantly. I stayted home with Ammon from church and he was feeling better. He ate a piece of toast and then said, "Oh, Mom. That was so good. Can I have another piece?" I definitely know how he feels. When something actually tastes good you just have to have more. Zenock refused to go to church since I wasn't going, so he stayed home too. Brady said he had a nice time at church though. I am sure sacrament meeting was much better since he didn't have to break up arguments or take kids to the potty/drinking fountain more than once! I thought Ammon was getting better before naptime, but he got sick again...but maybe he is done with that by now. I just hope Zenock doesn't have his turn tonight. He's been complaining all day about his tummy hurting, but I'm not sure if it's because it actually does or because he is copying Ammon.

I also found out today that as of today, Brady has applied for 54 jobs since last Sunday. I just wanted to cry when he told me that. I thought applying for 50 jobs in 6 months was a lot (that's what I did every six months for two years before giving up). We also found out that had Brady not quite his job when he did, he would have been let go along with several others at the end of the week. So either way he would have been jobless. I just keep hoping that he will apply for the right job that will let him start asap...since he can't get unemployment. Keep us in your prayers, please. We need all the heavenly help we can get right now.

In some other exciting news in our family, I am pregnant with our third baby. I am 15 weeks along, and I am still sick. Although today has been remarkably good. I have good days and not so good days, and so far I think I have had only 3 cravings: Taco Bell's taco salad, california rolls (non raw fish sushi), and yesterday I had some soda crackers with cheese slices. I keep saying I am so unsatisfied food-wise most of the time because I am nauseated a lot and have no desire to eat anything. Not to mention the fact that absolutely nothing sounds good to me...except for those 3 times. People ask me all the time if I think it's a boy or a girl, and honestly I have no idea. It's a baby. We get to find out what the sex is in 3 weeks, but I am thinking I might have the tech just write it on a paper and seal it in an envelope so I can open it on my birthday. I think that would be an awesome present!

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