Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happenings in the last month worth mentioning..

We have been seriously busy…or maybe just lazy the last couple of weeks. We finished another quarter of school on March 13th, and since then I have REALLY enjoyed reading books, and I have also taken the time to clean out some closets and put all the winter clothes away. We are all really enjoying the warmer weather and being outside a bunch. The boys got out their outside toys from the shed before the snow was all gone, and they just love riding around on the patio and the driveway all the time. We went to the park with out neighbors last week, and the kids loved that too.

The first weekend in March was a busy one for us. Brady went to Minneapolis for a week-long conference residency for school, and I drove to Laughlin, Nevada with Brady’s dad and stepmom for his brother’s wedding. It was really hard on all of us to be without Brady for that long, but we did okay. The kids asked about him all the time, so we called him every chance we got when I knew he was done with classes for the day. The wedding was really great, but it made me miss Brady even more. There was a dance afterward, and all the kids were the first out on the floor after Ronny and Christa. It was really cute to watch all the kids dancing around. The wedding was on Saturday afternoon, and the next afternoon Christa got baptized. That was a neat experience as well. Ammon asked a lot about what getting baptized means and why Christa got baptized when she is so big. I remember I felt the spirit very strongly, and witnessing her baptism reminded me of my own 19 years ago. We had a great time with Brady’s family, but I hope that next time there is a big event we can go as a family.

Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip.

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