Monday, April 6, 2009

Pictures from Mexico

The Sea of Cortez from our hotel room on the third floor Sunset over San Lucas. Taken from the Cabo Escape boat we took the dinner cruise on.
Us on the boat from the Pacific Ocean side of El Arco.

This is what the rocks look like up close.

On Lover's beach. I don't know why they call it that because it was too windy and too many people for me. The cool thing about this beach is that you can only get to it from the water because there are rock mountains between it and the main marina. The beach goes the whole width of the peninsula, which is about 250 feet or so. So on one side you can be in Pacific Ocean water and the other side in Sea of Cortez water.

This is a rock full of sea lions. They stunk so bad I had to cover my nose. We saw them from the boat taxi we took to the beach.

A sea lion stopped and waved to us as the boat passed.

This is me, really high. It looks like the parachute is rather small, but it is actually bigger than the boat we rode to do this.

I was pretty nervous before we did this because heights are not my favorite thing. But it was great. It was kindof like being attached to a kite or a huge swing, on a 400 foot line. After I was done I wanted to do it again. This is something I think I would like to do each time we go on an excotic vacation like this.

This is the famous El Arco from the Sea of Cortez, at the edge of the marina before open water.

And this is Brady...he loved it.

And up he goes!

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