Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Okay, so I should post the most recent happenings at our house. The first Saturday in December we decide to move to Henderson, Nevada. We are out of work, and hence need money to pay bills. So we are going where the really good paying jobs are. Originally we thought about moving there next August if Brady gets accepted to the MSW program at UNLV, but after much thought and prayer we decided it was best for us to move there now. We will be loading up the moving truck on Christmas Eve – except for the Christmas tree and other things we need to sleep there one last time. Christmas day after breakfast we will be heading south for the winter, and the next few years as well. Hopefully since we will have established residency by summer Brady can get right in to his program and finish his master’s degree so we can move on with our lives. We should be back in Idaho in 5 years or less…but Nevada will be fun.

I know I will have a hard time leaving my family and friends, and most especially our ward. However, the Church is the same wherever we go, so I’ll be able to make new friends. We’ll also be near Brady’s family. The kids will have so much fun playing with their cousins all the time instead of once or twice a year. It will be an adventure for all of us, and we are ready to move on. I get to do the last of my visiting teaching on Thursday, and then we have just one week left in this cold, cold weather.

This is the top 10 things we will miss about Idaho.
1. shoveling snow
2. slipping on the ice
3. getting snow inside our shoes when we should be wearing our snow boots instead
4. walking on melted snow in socks
5. having the furnace turn on when we are watching a really good movie
6. scraping snow and ice off the car
7. swerving around people who don’t know how to drive on slick roads
8. spending 20 minutes putting snow clothes on and only playing outside for 10 minutes because it is too cold
9. feeling the draft from the window while sitting on the couch
10. being cold

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