Saturday, May 1, 2010

I miss...

Today I decided I really miss shopping at Winco. We spent 2 hours driving to 3 different grocery stores so that we could get all the things we needed for the next week on sale. It just so happened that we had a carload of stuff to take to DI too. So we did that and then ended up doing all our shopping closer to there than our house since it should have been faster. So we shopped in what some would say the heart of Vegas was a pain in the butt. We got home and I was so tired and grouchy because I realized that if we had been able to go to Winco, we would have spent just as much money in half the time and much less in gas going to all these stores. Don't get me wrong, I love getting stuff on sale, but sometimes it seems like it's not worth it. But on the other hand, I did end up saving almost 40 bucks today...and we are having a killer fruit salad to go with dinner tomorrow that's worth it I guess. Zenock is happy too because strawberries were on sale so I bought some since they are his favorite. In fact, yesterday he had the world's biggest tantrum because he wanted strawberries for lunch and we didn't have any. He ended up standing in the corner twice before lunch was over because he was freaking out so bad about it.

Lately we have seen a monster come out in Zenock. Brady says it is because of all the changes he has experienced in such a short period of time. We moved Monday, we stopped watching Izabella and Gabby because they moved back to Arizona on Friday, and Brady finally started working on Friday too. So in order to cope with those changes, Zenock has been reacting in the only way he knows how, mega tantrums. I will be so glad when everything settles down and we get our life back in order so that he can calm down. It seems he mostly acts up when it is meal time and nap/bedtime. This on top of being tired and hungry just compounds the level of the tantrum. It's aweful. Thankfully Ammon is doing amazing!

Tomorrow we get to go to a new ward, and it starts at 9am. This means the boys get a nap on Sunday again!!!! I am looking forward to going to a new ward. I hear the primary is huge, which hopefully means our kids can find some friends their age...and maybe some of them will have parents our age too. That would be super nice. I miss my friends in Idaho Falls, so making friends here would be a huge help, especially if we could trade babysitting.

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