Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Date numero 2

For our second installment of 10 dates for 10 years of marriage we enjoyed gourmet burgers at Bachi Burger. It was featured on Diners Drivins and Dives a while back. We've wanted to go here forever, so we finally just did it. It's the most delicious 1/3 lb of beef I've ever eaten...ever! The fries came with pineapple ketchup...also amazing!

Next up was two rounds of go cart racing. I won the first race...I think Brady let me win, but either way, I beat him.

The second race he beat me...but I did pass him twice...he just happened to also pass me twice :) We had such a good time just spending time together. Dating your spouse is seriously fun, fulfilling, and so important!!! We ended the night getting a hot and fresh Krispy Kreme donut, and a dozen to take home for Sunday breakfast. We are both looking forward to the remaining 8 dates!

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