Monday, August 25, 2014

Playing and goats... and an update on the puking morning sickness

 These two kids loved playing on the swings. Ayla could sit in the baby seat and be pushed all day. Gid is on the teeter totter thingy having a good time.
 One reason Ayla was always covered in dirt, she couldn't stop throwing it!
 Goats graze behind the yard. Kids loved throwing fallen apples to them to eat. Ayla got licked a few times by a goat and loved it. Every time she was done throwing and apple she would run to another tree to find more while shouting ME, ME! I think she was saying it was still her turn to feed them, or she was doing it by herself. I can't be sure.
And that concludes Idaho pictures. I was finally starting to feel better from morning sickness, only being really plagued for a little while in the afternoons. It was SO NICE to not be confined to the couch or my bed anymore!!!! And since coming home I have gotten even better! As long as I keep eating something every few hours, the nausea stays away and I can be a normal mom again. The kids are loving that I can help them with stuff, and I know Brady is happy to have his wife back. I have also had the energy to get back to making crafts!!!! I am working on some decorations for Halloween to teach at my next craft class in a few weeks. I was able to break in my new sander and work table from my parents. The jigsaw is next :) Friday night I sat at my sewing table and made a pillow case for a kid's birthday party and mended some things for Brady. I realized that I have not only missed crafting in the last 2 months, but sewing as well. I love using my talents in those areas. It provides a great deal of satisfaction for me, not to mention how nice it is to be busy and have productive things to do.

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