Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rydon is one!

Our youngest baby is all grown up! He has two teeth, loves to push away from objects and try to balance, laugh at his siblings, plays peek a boo, bounces when being held and while playing, and he sure loves people smiling and playing with him. He is finally in the 25th percentile for both height and weight, which is awesome! At his nine month doctor visit he was in the fourth percentile and barely 24 inches tall. Since his palate is still open he cannot have birthday cake without aspirating and choking on it. I decided to make dirt and worm dessert for everyone, and he gets the pudding part. That way it's still a fun dessert for the kids and he can have some too. I am very much looking forward to palate surgery being over and healed so he can eat what we are eating. He sure wants too!! We are all excited to celebrate this cute little boy in our family today!!

He got a baby toothbrush, self feeding/teething rings, a ride-on giraffe, a birthday card with money, and a musical toy. As you can see, he loved ripping the paper off. If I remember right, none of our other kids helped unwrap their first birthday presents like that.

I made worms in dirt dessert for his birthday. Rydon just got a bowl of pudding which he loved eating. He finished it off by throwing the bowl on the floor, making pudding fly about four feet. We love having this little guy in our family. It's hard to believe this is the last first birthday in our family. This last year has been full of firsts for Rydon, but they are also the last firsts for Brady and I, which is kind of sad in a way.

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