Monday, April 4, 2016

Trip to CA for cleft surgery on March 25th

Cleft surgery got cancelled due to a cough that started five hours before seeing the anesthesiologist at Shriners. There is a risk of respiratory complications because of all the swelling after surgery, so the Dr. wanted us to cancel. We decided to go see the LDS temple and the Santa Monica Pier after the Dr. visit because we have always wanted to go see both those places. Traffic was SO BAD! It took us 1.5 hours to drive the 37 miles from the hospital to the temple and 2.5 hours to drive almost that far again to our friends house in Santa Clarita. It was an extremely disappointing day, but we had some fun in spite of it. A fun night having dinner and catching up with the Jones family...who we haven't seen in about 9 years, was really nice. I love having good friends!!!
 Santa Monica Pier
 The temple is HUGE!!

 The Los Angeles Temple is the white stick right behind the van.
Jones' house in Santa Clarita. He LOVED petting their fluffy cat.

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