Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where did the time go?

Once again, I feel in catchup mode. We have done so much this summer, and now summer is over. I have a bunch of pictures to post of things we have done with family and friends recently. Here is an abbreviated version! We start with the most recent event.
Our neighbor's dad driving a demo car in the Shelley Spud Days celebration.

Demolition Derby cars in Shelley, Idaho

Zenock's first experience with cotton candy. He got SO sticky! I'm just glad I brought baby wipes, even though we don't need them for dirty diapers anymore. They come in handy for so many things!!

Demolition Derby at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. We have gone the last three years, and it has been really fun. We saw all the animals, rode some kiddie rides, and walked a ton.

Ammon and Zenock on the dragon roller coaster. I thought Zz would be really scared, but he was laughing the whole time. It was really cute to watch them having fun on the rides. I can't wait til we take them to Disneyland when Brady graduates school.

Zenock on a merry-go-round of sorts, with four wheelers.

Ammon, Zenock and I on the catapillar roller coaster. Zenock was squished in the middle. This ride was really fun too.

Brady and the boys in a pirate ship. The end was a slide, which Brady barely fit on.

Storytime with Dad before bedtime. This is a daily ritual with the kids before bed.

We had a sleep over at my parents house labor day weekend with the whole family. My sister, Kacey and her hubby Justin came from North Idaho, and my other sister, Alayna with her hubby Lot and son Drake came too from Idaho Falls. We had a family breakfast at Smitty's in IF, which was really, really good. We did some shopping, and had a birthday party complete with cake for my grandpa who would have been 100 on Sept. 14th. He passed away in August of 1991.

Cub Scout pack meeting at the park. This was my last scout activity before I was released because I was going to be working during den meeting time. We did water bottle rockets and a fish pond. Everyone loved the rockets. Some went really high, and others were soaking wet when the evening was over.

More bottle rockets.

A quilt I made for my bed. It took a long, long time to piece together and too quilt too, but man, I LOVE it.

Martin's Cove near Casper, Wyoming. My dad, brother and Brady passed through there on their way to Laramie for work a month ago. The closer hillside is where the pioneers came through on the way to Salt Lake.

Names and dates carved into the rocks at Martin's Cove. This one is dated July 4, 1850.

Zenock on the bouncy slide at Riot Zone in Rigby. We went there when Max and again when Sage came to visit Brady's dad for a week.

Zenock at the kiddie boats at Riot Zone. This is the time we went with Max.

Ammon driving the kid go karts. It took 4 cushions behind him before he could reach the pedals.

The boys really like bugs now. Zenock loves lady bugs, small house spiders, and worms. Around the time this picture was taken I found him playing with a dead worm on the patio. It was kinda gross. Thank goodness for antibacterial soap!

A REALLY big tortise at Tauphas Park Zoo in IF. We went there when Maddie and Isabella came to visit Brady's dad this summer. All the kids loved the zoo, but I think my kids' favortie part was playing with their cousins. I sometimes wish we lived closer so they could play more often than once or twice a year.

One of the snow leopards at the zoo. In all the years I have gone to the zoo, I have never seen this animal out walking around. One time, many years ago, I saw it laying down at the back of the enclosure. I think this animal is so pretty. And their tails are huge!

Ammon, Isabella, Zenock, and Madison at the Madison County fair. Aren't they all so cute!

One of the "rides" at the fair was a really long, wavy slide. All the kids begged to go on this, but once we were at the top, Maddie was the only one not screaming to get off because it was too high. So Maddie got her ticket's worth, but the rest of the kids didn't. We saw a similar slide at the Eastern Idaho State Fair, and I told the kids they weren't allowed to go on it because of all the crying with this slide.

My kids love boy stuff. Sitting on four wheelers wherever they see them is fun...for them. They were arguing at first to be the first to sit on the pink one. They both love pink, and I think it might be because I like it.

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