Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another catch up

I find myself behind on my blogging again. So here's a recap since last time. We went to Las Vegas on October 9th for a weekend trip so we could be there for Brady's nephew's, Max, baptism. It was a really fast trip, and we had so much fun with the family that we all wanted to stay longer, but I had to get back for work on Monday. The kids did so great on the long drive to and from. They did get tired of being in the car, but so did I, so that's okay. We watched a lot of movies and read stories, and listened to really fun music. And them we watched for fun things like tractors working, animals in semi truck trailers, cool cars, etc.

Izabella giving Zenock a ride in Grammy's backyard

Max blowing out his candles

Halloween was great. On Friday night we went to my work for a spook alley. The boys were a little scared, but they loved the candy. Saturday we went to our church for a ward activity. We had a chili cook off, and trick or treating inside the gym. It was so much nicer to do it that way than trunk-or-treating out in the cold. I made the costumes for a total of $10 for both. We used a bunch of stuff we already had, and painted their shirts and made a cape. They were both the main character, Super Why, from the PBS kids show Super Why. Ammon told me next year I should be Wonder Red for Halloween. I thought that was pretty funny! After the candy line, they did some carnival games and got fun prizes. I think this was my favorite ward party this year.

Bishop Baird really went all out this year for the kids. Everyone thought he looked so great!

Zenock, Abby, Austin, Ammon

We also had two birthdays. Zenock’s was the 19th, and Ammon’s was the 29th. This year we did a small family party with out parents at our house. I got off work so late that we just did cake and ice cream after I got home. Brady picked up my favorite flavor ever, huckleberry, from Reed’s Dairy in town. It was so good, and we still have some left, so that has become my favorite treat after the kids go to bed.

Zenock's cake, the monster truck Avenger

Ammon's cake, the monster truck El Torro Loco

I am looking forward to tomorrow being over because I get my wisdom teeth out. WOOHOO! Lucky me! I am hoping they put me completely under because I really don’t want to know what they are doing. Thankfully I only have two, but they are on opposite sides, so I think it’s going to be Jamba Juice for me for a couple of days. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I still have a gift certificate for it that I haven’t used yet.

It’s also my Mom’s birthday tomorrow, and I don’t think I will be the best company. However, I am looking forward to getting most of the family together to celebrate. It will be really fun, and the kids are excited to play at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a while. I just hope that Mom has a great birthday. She’s certainly my favorite Mom (okay, only Mom), and I love her very much!!

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