Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rain...and Snow

Last week we got almost 2 inches of rain, and it really poured. Nevada doesn't have canals full of water like Idaho, they have concrete drainage canals for the rare rainfall...so the area doesn't flood because the ground is so dry. It was weird to drive around and see these canals with water flowing in them for several days.
This is the biggest, and longest rainstorm we had. This picture really doesn't do the rain justice.
While it rained in the valley, it snowed in the mountains. Yesterday we went sledding with Ronny's family on Spring Mountain. Of course, it took us over an hour to get there! But here we are at 8000 feet and it's 39 degrees...perfect for some sledding!!

Ammon had so much fun sledding by himself. He was a real trooper, until he went off a jump and tumbled off the sled. I wonder if he was more upset about falling off the sled, or the flying in the air?

Me and Izabella. I think we actually stayed on the disk the whole time.

This is Brady

This is the after effect

And here is Zenock, king of the snow pile!

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