Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend events

Yesterday we had a stake Relief Society service project. We made blankets for the local Project Linus chapter who takes blankets to crisis centers, hospitals, police and fire departments to help kids and families. Project Linus is a national organizaiton and over the last month they have sent 30,000 blankets to Haiti. I tied a baby blanket and finished the ends on a fleece one. There were tons of people there! I just wish I knew more than just my family who was there...I am still shy I guess!

Last night we went to a ward activity of sorts. It's called the dinner party, and they ask for voluteers to host dinner in their home. We went to Libbie Jones's (I think that's her last name) home with 4 other couples: the 1st counselor in bishopric & his wife the RS pres, and 2 other couples near our age. It was really fun...and I think we have made some great friendships already!!

When we came home Zenock was crying hysterically because he wanted mommy. It took him forever to calm down, then he fell asleep in the car taking Celeste home. He feels so yucky, and I know it's viral, so there's nothing I can do for him but load up the humidifier, vicks him like crazy and give him umka. And to top that, he had a fever all night so he was in our bed most of the least until he had been awake for a while from 4-5am and I convinced him to go to his bed so I could sleep. And then when he woke us up at 8 he was back in our bed! Brady feels crappy too, and Ammon has a cold as well. But he has more energy than everyone combined so he wants to go to church with me and sit on the front row! I am still debating if I will let him go to church, so I might end up going by myself today. I hope everyone is better in the next few days...being sick is the pits!!

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