Friday, February 11, 2011

Household chores

Yesterday Brady was off so we cleaned out our cars and got mine washed. That's only happened one other time since we bought it last May. Big deal. And I did some dishes, gave all the boys a haircut and bathed Gideon in the tub with the boys, and later finally folded three loads of laundry that I washed on Tuesday. The sad part is that there is still at least one more load of dishes to do that I didn't get too. It seems to pile up really fast no matter how often I do a load. I guess that happens when I cook and use lots of dishes instead of paper plates and such. Home cooked food is so much better, but eating out is so much easier.
My Mom with the boys.
Zenock was helping Mom make bread by making a huge mess and tasting the flour.

They were helping Brady put the new stroller together. They discovered muscle builders in the process.

I redid my ugly 10 year-old clock. Looks much more interesting now. I used scrapbook paper. I got the idea from my sister. Super easy, and really fun.

Made this tile for my Mom for Christmas. We have 3 boxes of unused tile in the garage that came with the house. They are 16 x 16, so bigger than most tiles for craft projects, but who can resist using free stuff?

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