Thursday, February 24, 2011

Visiting Family

This past weekend we blessed Gideon at church. My family came from Sugar City for the long weekend, and my sister and her daughter, Lizzy, also flew down from North Idaho to spend a whole week with us. We had a great time with everyone, and I miss them already!
I tired to take a portrait of Gideon myself with my fancy camera, but he was really wiggly. I'm going to send a few pics to my sister to edit in photo shop for me so hopefully we can have a good one to put on the wall.

My vday present from my sweety. I have wanted a tall saucepan forever, and my wish was granted! Mashed potatoes here I come! I gave Brady the shirt he is wearing in the family picture down below. He is so hard to find shirts for because he needs a size tall. Those shirts don't come cheap, so when there is a sale, I make sure to grab one. We found some even cheaper ones at a store in the outlet mall. I love getting nice things for cheap :)

Treats I made for Ammon's class. They are smartie airplanes.

Cupid's loot

One month old! He's over 9 pounds and 20 inches already.

Awesome view from the bridge

Walking on the big bridge overlooking Hoover Dam

Gideon's first official family picture.
Gideon's blessing day. He's so cute! His great-grandmother made the blanket he is sitting in. It will definitely be a family heirloom to me. All the boys have used it at church on their blessing days.

Who woulda thunk the toybox was a toy itself?

Showing Lizzy how to feed the ducks and mooching pigeons.

Lizzy's first time playing at a park. She loved the slide. At least I think she did. She didn't smile or giggle or anything.

Ammon's very favorite slide in the whole world. It just happens to be at Mommy's unfavorite park in the city thanks to all the sand.

Meet Lizzy. She's one of my nieces, and she recently discovered zippers on her jammies. It was hilarious to watch her unzip and try to take off her clothes.

The "awesomest" track I have built so far. Too bad they decided to take it apart the next morning. I thought it was so good I almost wanted to play with it myself!

Chillin' with Mom

Tonight the boys begged to eat dinner in their underwear. When Brady isn't home I really don't have the energy to argue with them, so I let them eat in their undies. They thought it was great. I just wanted them to eat all their food.

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